Pursue Your Vision

Pursue Your Vision

I can visualize an old man sitting out side a tent, under an oak tree in the heat of the day. The old man is Abraham. Abraham had wandered in the deserts of Middle East for almost a decade. He wandered based on a single promise, made by a God unknown to his forefathers. He risked every thing based on a word. He is yet to see his promise fulfilled. He lost his possessions friends and relatives from Ur.

He had to sent his son Ishmael and his mother away into the desert. The guilt of sending his son away is eating his soul. He is ninety nine years old, and his wife Sarah has almost stopped believing in the promise of a son. Abraham has to fight to keep his faith alive. He has not seen anything materializing so far. He is frustrated. It is very hot outside. He comes out and sits under the oak of Mamre and is thinking about his past life and future promises. He is again at the cross roads of life.

The world is led by visionaries and missionaries. Abraham was one. He saw something which no body else saw. He heard something which nobody else heard. He paid a huge price for his belief. He was odd to every one around him. He talked about a strange god and a strange promise. A hundred year old man is going to father a son! He is going to be the patriarch of nations. What a ridiculous idea! People laughed at this idea and even his wife Sarah laughed at the idea of becoming a mother at her old age. His courage and conviction tells him that he is right, but the world challenges him to prove that his faith is right.

Populist leaders appeals to our senses. Men of courage and vision appeal to our soul. They are driven by an unshakable faith. They have a distant vision. They change the face of the earth. The people of their time fail to recognize them, but generations to come will praise them. Abraham was one like that.

If you heard a promise and if you saw a vision, then do not stop but pursue your vision. Your parents, wife or brothers may not understand you, but do not give up. In the heat of the days ahead of you, take rest under the shade of your prayer and meditation. Come under the oak of Mamre. There will be a visitation. There will be a change. Abraham was visited by the angels, while he was under the oak of Mamre and the promise of a son came to pass with in one year. The materialization of your promise is just around the corner.

If you think you are at Mamre, things can only get better. Wait on the Lord, stay still and know that he is still the Lord.

– – – written by Dr. Jacob C. Tony

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  1. may you please send me more information about visions, dreams etc, i am almost giving up on my vision due to lack of resources, does this mean that my dream or vision is not god given, some one told me that for every vision there is provision, i still need to pursue my vision, i need a mentor please

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