Praying for Wisdom

From time immemorial people have always believed
That the four greatest virtues are
Let us ask God to help us
To have them in our lives.

O God, help me to have in my life the virtues
Which all persons value and admire.

Give me wisdom always to know
What I ought to to do;
What I ought to say;
Where I ought to go;

Give me courage,
To do the right thing when it is difficult;
If need be, to be laughed at for my faith;
Never to be ashamed to show my loyalty to you.

Give me justice,
Always to be fair in thought, word and action;
Always to think of the rights of others
As much as of my own;
Never to be content when anyone is being
Unjustly treated;

Give me self-control,
Always to have my impulses, passions
And emotions under perfect control;
Never to be swept into doing things
For which I would be sorry;
Never to do anything which would hurt others,
Grieve those who love me,
Or bring shame to myself.

Hear this my prayer for your love’s sake, Amen.