Poem : The Witness Of Love

Mary The Holy Mother of God

Oh Immaculate
Mother of God
You are the most
Important witness
Of the eternal love
That Our Creator
Has for each of us.

Therefore, as the
Loving Spouse of
The Holy Spirit
Please help us
To follow Your Son
And love each other
As Father desires.

For Father is Love
And as we are made in
His image and likeness
Love is all, it is all
That we require and
Our Brother, as You know,
Is the Sower of its seed.

– – – written by Liam Ó Comáin

2 thoughts on “Poem : The Witness Of Love”

  1. So GRATEFUL and humbling to be accepted by the King and Creator of Heaven and Earth-& every living thing-who made us and who loves us!.

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