Poem : Sister

The Elder Sister

Under the son and upon the earth I have known a spinster.
Do you know, that little one is none other than my sister,
Everyone quotes and marvels at her,
Yea, she desires secretly appreciations for her

In deep recess of her heart, I have seen her obsession
That young girl cherishes me as her secret possession
She struggles, quarrels and fights in her mind
All those who surround me she undermines

She is hawky and crazy young damsel
I think she assumes her brother like a precious pearl
She pens down her sentiments for her brother
Even while sleeping she whispers “Brother…Brother”

She love to be lost in fantasy of her brother
She wants to enjoy life in ecstasy with her brother
Alas! If anyone has seen my sister…lost in the world
Beseech that convey my loneliness and love to her

Waiting for her standing &looking through a door
When will she be back…not too depart anymore
She is my young little sister, whom I admire,
She should rise in her life…that is what I desire….

– – – written by Peter Greene

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