Poem : Hope


To those without hope!!

Hope is inspiration
Turned inside out
Hope is expectation
Of that there is no doubt .

Hope keeps us going
Longing for a better day .
Hope keeps us rowing
Life’s boat at work and play .

Hope helps us rise each morning
Looking for grace along the way;
Hope tucks us in each night
Praying we did His will Today.

Hope is God’s eternal carrot
The goal we all work towards
Salvation removes death’s garrote
As we reap our just rewards.

Hope is you will believe me?
And can see it in my heart eyes
Hope you come and join me
As we bask in God’s blue skies.

Hope your heart will soften
As you let His spirit in
Hope you will pray often
As we all try not to sin .

Hope we can pray together
To help all the world over
United as family, sister and brother
Content under God’s Holy cover.

– – – By Connie Ciccone ©Nov 2006

2 thoughts on “Poem : Hope”

  1. Two thumbs up, but I think it would be more effective if its a fable style poem. It would be easier for people to reflect n fables.

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