Poem about Love – The Greatest Power


In this world where coldness and cruelty is common
Where material things and power rule
Where pain and sufferings are part of everyday life
Where people aren’t what they seem
They call themselves your friends a lot when you’re on top
Yet they desert you when you’re down and out
Even rejoicing at what you have become
And then they stab you in the back

When all what you’ve strive for comes to nothing
And your dreams are shattered to pieces
What little happiness is snatched away
Fears and doubts are all around you
So much pain, don’t give up, keep on running,
You are fighting, don’t stop…

* Don’t despair for hope is but a tiny spark
That burst to a scorching flame in a single act
An act that is profound yet very simple
When you believe in the greatest power – love

The greatest power that is above everything
The Source of life, Creator of all
Yes, Love without which we are nothing
For because of Love we are redeemed
Reborn and refreshed, a new beginning
Keep believing, you are fighting, go on…

Love’s an everlasting vow that can’t be broken
Even if all things have come to past
Only love and all who believe will last
For Love is the greatest power of all….

Running to Love, fighting for your faith
Even if all things have come to past
Only God and all who believe will last…

– – – written by Lucy

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