Please don’t ruin this beautiful Kashmir, India

Kashmir in India – ‘The Paradise on Earth’

Take a look at the 12 pictures given above. What do you feel? Just awesome, rt? These pictures are of Kashmir, a land heavily blessed by Nature, lying in the north most part of India.

Kashmir is full of flowers and sights worth watching. The people, who are living here for many years ,are all very understanding and helpful. Altogether it is a nice place to spend some long holidays for any Indian or foreigner.

But now the sad part of it comes. Kashmir has been heavily targeted by terrorists, to hide themselves and plan their operations. The reason for this is crystal clear, as next to Kashmir, lies India’s worst neighbour, Pakistan. I dunno what to say, but somehow, many terrorist people are infiltrating our borders from Pakistan and making this Kashmir a living hell!!! Atleast once a week, we hear about an explosion happening here in Jammu or Kashmir.

I have no personal grudge against Muslims, but 98% of these terrorists here in Kashmir are Muslim youths who are brain washed saying things like ‘Jihaad’ – Holy War – and all. Its time the Muslim community should rise up from their slumber and educate their youths what is Jihaad and what is its true meaning. They cannot allow their youths to be used in such cruel ways to massacre other people, especially the peace loving Indian people of Kashmir and Jammu.

Please, please don’t ruin this beautiful Kashmir,which is so blessed by Nature.

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  1. Let me remind you people ,if you are trying your conversions in Kashmir ,you will never succeed.We Kashmiris love Islam the way you love life. Kashmir will remain Islamic for all the times to come . India has to go out from Kashmir ,let it take years . No real Kashmiri will accept the hegemony of Hindus and Cristians. No way by ALLAH

  2. By siding with Tyrant India, whose army plays Dewali with the innocent blood of Kashmiris, you are committing a fraud in the name of Jesus.Shame on you. Kashmiris have land .They are not starving like the low caste hindus of India whom you pay and convert. I know all those in CSI compound of mission road of Bangalore. They were all low caste Hindus whom you provided worldly benfits like plots of land in return for conversion. But you can never buy a true Muslim by money. NO way WALLAH.

  3. Hi Iqbal,

    I fully agree with you that You Kashmiris love Islam a lot. But that does not make Kashmir a part of Pakistan. Kashmir is still in India and I am sure, all the Muslims in Kashmir will live there, as true Indian Muslims, just like other Muslim citizens of India. We had our LOC pact when India was divided, to make Pakistan and the pact agrees that India will keep Kashmir forever and ever. Jai Hind!

    Georgy N Joseph

  4. Iqbal like other muslims you too are headless, same old Islam! Wherever on earth you are, you make your as well as others life miserable. I pray to god to give you head to realize what is good and bad. Your forefather died keeping a dream of shitty Pakistan, you too will die with the same dream.

    Jai Hind

  5. It is in response to both of you so called Georgy and Rocky.First of all you figure out who is shitty, India or Pakistan. It stinks where ever you go in India. Being five times bigger than Pakistan it is shame on you that for each and every thing that happens in your shitty India you blame Pakistan .Let it be the plague of 90s. I dont undersand if you have teeth then why dont you patriots liberate AZAD kASHMIR.But you cant do that because you know what you are occupying now you may be purged from that too by the gallent soliders of Pakistan. You very well know as to what is in store for you. We Muslims brought down America on to its knees in Afghanistan and Iraq ,you are not counted at all. Shaibuddin GHORI and Ahmad shah ABDALLI are still haunting you and having Nuclear weapons doesnt make you donkeys loin . it needs courage to use them.That is why we valliant Kashmiris are fighting your seven hundred thousand forces bare handed. Your country is using all the decietful and uncivilized means to subjugate us but we are still prevailing and INSHAALLAH we will prevail for all the times to come and as per my blief India will cease to exist and will be overrun by Mujahideens as happened in the past. And this time we wont repeat the mistake of leaving you alive.

  6. Hi Iqbal,

    Sorry! This is not a forum for political debate.

    From your previous comments, especially the last sentence of your comment, I have come to the unmistakable conclusion that you are also one among the misguided elements whose reasoning power has been switched off. Such people like you gulp down the perverted philosophies handed out to you.

    For any man believing in God, live and let live should be his basic principle. So leaving somebody alive is not a mistake and WE PRACTICE THAT.

    I don’t find it worthy to waste more time on you, if your comments continue to be misguided and meaningless like these.

    Georgy N Joseph

  7. Lord Jesus Christ, WE pray in your name, in Spirit, father, That you wilL FREE KASHMIR from the NIMORDIC spirit of India, the false worship of India, that attempts to unify different ethnic groups under one control. You gave them their own nations and their own lands long before 1947

    ” Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations. ” [GENESIS 10:5]

    Father in the name of Jesus Christ, WE REBUKE AND BIND the spirit of hinduism and demonic spirits of India, we call for Exposure of the armed forces atrocities, and we pray Lord Jesus Christ OUR GOD AND OUR FATHER , that you will move your hand and put an end to the lies that India is spreading, and you will bring good will and harmony between Muslims and Christians who worship one God of Abraham, not false gods of Hindus.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.[Ephesians 6:12]

    Lord Jesus Christ, we also pray in your name, our Lord, that you will bring Muslims to true salvation in Jesus Christ, and Lord you will also bring out darkness and blindess, some of the catholics and christians who have joined in with the idols of Hinduism

    And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? [2 corinthians 6:15]

    Lord you asked us to pray for our enemies, we pray for Pakistan and do not hate it Lord, we pray for peace in Pakistan and your love to be upon Pakistan and its stability Lord Jesus Christ, and protect it from the Hindu demons that seek to destroy it and unify it under the Hindu nimrodic spirit, like king nimrod that wanted to unite everyone under one control. We bind the spirits of deception and other demonic principalities operating out of India.

    Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. [Luke 10:19]

    We also ask you Lord Jesus Christ that you will stop the rapes of kashmiri women by Indian armed soldiers, and the killings of muslims and Christians by Hindus in India. Lord Jesus Christ, we rebuke the spirit of shiva, and other false demonic gods in Your name. We bind the Indian army and other atrocious people who operate under hindu spirits in the name of the Lord God Jesus Christ the one true God and the son of God

    Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. [MATTHEW 18:18]

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for listening to our prayers, and Father, continue to raise up intercessors from all over India, that can pray for the disintegration of this demonic hindu state, that is a rebellion against you, and for the freedom of oppressed people throughout this dark land. Let your gospel spread and let the idol worshipers come to repentance.

    Then there will be peace in Your name Lord Jesus Christ.

    We pray this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


  8. salam
    brother georgy i suggest u 2 clarify ur information abt kashmir…. kashmir wz an independent country n now it z a disputed territory… LOC pact hs nothng 2 do wd kashmir… it z 4 india n pakistan n v r part of none of thm… n ya u r ryt by sayin dat being muslims dont mke us a part of pakistan… v want independent country as kashmir used 2 b
    since ds z nt a forum 4 political debates so 2 avoid it furthr… i suggest u 2 plzz remove india besides kashmir dat wud b ur enf sincerity as an indian as i hv heard abt u ppl. if nt nw, any tym in future.. wen u gt tym 2 study abt kashmir history.. n decide urself… othr muslims r surely part of india bt v kashmiris r nt including hindus,sikhs n christians…
    god bless u

  9. Unfortunately most of Kashmiri muslims are like Iqbal.They are blinded by religion.They always like to pretend to be victims, while they killed innocent Kashmiri Pandits(Orginal Inhabitants) & made them take refuge in other parts of India.These people are good for nothing.Lots of corruption, nepotism & Hard core religiuos fanatics.No other country except India or Hindus can tolerate this.
    They contribute nothing to the world & are like parasites.
    They live in dark ages

  10. MR GEORGE !! let me tell u that whatever IQBAL’S saying is right..! and second thing that i want to say to the writer of this page is that INDIA’S the WORST NEIGHBOUR of my beloved country PAKISTAN…your stupid country india is ruining this heaven like place itself so just go n try to make them 1965 the stupid coward indian army attacked kasmir-pakistan suddenly but our brave army fought against and make indians ran away..that’s y here in pakistan we celebrtae KASHMIR DAY…so in short i justwonna say u that be in your limits and dont say bad thing about my country…

  11. My dear brother Iqbal you are absolutely right.India has 7 times stronger army attacks than Pak.But they have not enough courage to do anything with Pak.There is a nation living in Pak. India knows it very well.This nation does,t think before or after,they just know only one thing,,i.e Jihad.InshaanAllah Jihad will continue till qayamat……..

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