Please Do Choose Jesus

Please Do Choose Jesus

A person who felt little distracted and disturbed in life once thought of writing a letter to one of his close teachers who is also a priest. The letter was bit long since he had to release all his complains about life. He got the reply within two weeks. There were two-three highlighted sentences in the letter. They are:

Sometimes struggles of life may be very painful. Still, please do choose Jesus. Those are the prices that you pay for a better life in Christ.

I am not so innocent to say that do choose Jesus always. Still I know very well that “to be a follower of Jesus” is much more price worthy than we think of. Discipleship is all about denying our self, taking up the daily crosses, and following Jesus very closely. It indicates that we need to pay the price for our choice.

Like a grain of wheat falling into the earth

The passage of denying our self, taking up the daily crosses, and following Jesus has a very close reference to John 12:24. Jesus says “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

The falling of the grain of wheat into the earth is for a noble cause. It is for the abundant cause of increase. It is for the noble cause of bearing the fruit. A grain of wheat falling into the earth and dying is equal as a human denying himself, taking up the daily crosses, and following Jesus very closely.

Since I am not careful enough to let myself fall into the earth and die, the best of me is not yet. Because i am not committed enough to deny myself and take up the daily crosses, I remain fruitless unproductive and non-creative.

Bearing the daily crosses of life

The reason for bearing the daily crosses of life remains unanswered from the very beginning of the existence of mankind. So let us start believing that God has a right, God has a reward for us, all the more God has a reason for everything.

One thing is quite obvious that suffering has always been a vehicle for deep spiritual growth for many people. Those who have been endured great sufferings of life are generally the one who evolve into greatest beings. Everything that occurs in life has been perfectly orchestrated to inspire our maximal evolution as a better human being and bring us into our true power.

Ours is a time where most of us are suffering from a sickness of comfortable discipleship. Let us start telling good-bye to our safety zones. Let us stop living comfortably and start living the truth of our call. A well rooted life in Jesus Christ costs a lot.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, May we enjoy the joy of belonging to you and the happiness of choosing you always. May we be always so committed to you so that we may take up our daily crosses and follow you very radically. Bless all of us with prosperity and peace of mind. Amen.

– – – written by Br. Augustine Mlavarayil

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