Birth of Mother Mary

Bible speaks little of the Mother of God but tradition gives valuable information. We know very little about Miriam of Nazareth as an actual historic person. In this she is in solidarity with the multitudes of people through the centuries especially poor women and men, whose lives are considered not worth recording. We must also be … Read more

Choose Not To Quit

It is easy to quit but it is not that easy not to quit! We may have lots of opportunities and reasons to quit. Nevertheless to experience a fresh start in 2012, we must choose to say “NO!” to the urge to quit. Folks consider quitting when they face 2 kinds of situations:- 1. When the … Read more

Learn From Mistakes

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one” - Elbert Hubbard. All who wanted to succeed in life have made mistakes. That does not mean that one has to do some blunder in order to succeed! All that it means is mistakes do happen in life. There are … Read more