Is God Calling Me?

Is God Calling Me

Destinies are sometimes so; they would be incidental and surprising; some are heavy responsibilities, others the anointing to cry out the unpleasing. Some others would be the persuasion to carry His cross and help Him. Dear child, God’s call is so! I do not know which of these the destiny is entrusted to you. But … Read more

Demons And Exorcisms

Demons and Exorcisms

Generally the demon does all he can not to be discovered. He does not like to talk and tries everything to discourage both the exorcist and the possessed. Experience has taught me that this behavior follows four steps: prior to discovery, during exorcisms, at the beginning of liberation, and after liberation. I must caution that … Read more

Sow Your Interests In The Good Land

Sow Your Interests In Good Land

Sow your interests in the good land, that you can reap a bountiful harvest. Jesus always read the signs of the time to speak to the people around him. He could distinctively and clearly explicate the situations, irrational rituals and burdensome traditions through his thought-provoking parables. He used to mesmerize the crowd, pronouncing each word … Read more

Is It Possible To Pray Always?

Pray Always

A Church in England; the priests of the nearby parishes are summoned for a priestly gathering, prayer, sharing and reflection. “Pray without ceasing” (I Thess. 5:17) – it was the subject of their talk. How could one pray without ceasing? As we are engaged in many responsibilities, is it possible to pray always? How come … Read more

Poem : Lord Jesus, You Are The One

Lord Jesus You Are The One

Lord Jesus, You are the one Who gives me strength and hope When doubts and fears arise. Who stands alone for me Overcoming life’s adversaries. Who protects me from devastation And helps me resist life’s temptations. Who leads me the right path to choose In most difficult situations of my life. Who saves me when … Read more