Mother is Mother…Risking her life to save her kid….

Nothing in this world is better than a Mother, Why? See this…

mothers-love-01 mothers-love-02

mothers-love-03 mothers-love-04

Saw the mother squirrels love in action? Want more, look down…

mothers-love-05 mothers-love-06

mothers-love-07 mothers-love-08

How do you like the mother monkeys fight for her kid?  Mother is Mother.

Almost no one on this Earth loves us as our mother does. She keeps us in her constant protection when we are too young to face adventures or fights like these. She teaches us the important lessons of life, which we remember gratefully when we use them later in our life. One can never realize how precious each mother in this world is.

So what should we do?

Simple! Just obey them. Just try to make them happy as far as we can. When they become old, they will be happy to see their obedient children doing all things for their welfare. Please, please, never make your mothers eyes wet. You have no idea of what all hardships she went through to bring you up.

I understand some of it now as I saw my sister struggling to bring up her new born baby. We named her `Maria`and she is just 5 months old now. I have never seen my sister so concerned and busy all my life. She didn’t even sleep well in the first month the baby was born. She was always busy making sure her baby is fine and well fed. I asked my mom whether she also did all these when I was born and she just smiled.

Yes, the smile had all the answer. She had done this or even more.

Friends, please don’t forget this ever in your life. Mother is the God-sent angel to look after each child in this world.

Obey her, make her happy… That’s an important duty in our life, friends. God Bless You all.

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