Love Is A Magnificent Injustice

Love Is A Magnificent Injustice

Please Try to be Unjust!

There is one justice, and there are two injustices. You don’t believe me? Well, let me explain. When you go to the greengrocers to buy a kilo of cherries, he can give you exactly a kilo… or a little less… or a little more.

In the first instance he is being just, and in the other two he is being unjust, but of course the second injustice is most welcome to his customers. They wish everyone were as unjust as this good man, whereas the first injustice does not please them at all.

So you see, we have one justice and two injustices. People are always advised to be just. Well, on the contrary, I am going to advise you to be unjust, in other words to learn to work with love.

Love is the greatest injustice there is: whether the person deserves it or not, you give him something. Maybe no one has ever classified love as an injustice, but I repeat: Love is a magnificent injustice, and I advise all of you to be unjust in precisely this way!

“You must become the change you would like to see in the world”- Mahatma Ghandi

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