Lighted Candles

Lighted Candles

I have a lot of candles in my home. Most of them just sit on the shelves gathering dust and waiting for another power outage to take out those pesky electric lights.

Every now and then, though, I do take the time to light up one or two of them. It feels good to sit quietly and watch their flickering, little fires beat back the darkness around them. It puts me back in touch with the candles burning within myself as well.

Enlightenment for me hasn’t come from flicking on a single switch but rather from lighting one candle at a time in my heart, mind, and soul, I know that I still have a long way to go too, but I am lighting more candles every day. Most of the candles burning inside of me, in fact, weren’t even lit by me. They were lit by other shining souls I met along the journey of my life.

The brightest flame they lit is the truth that God loves you, me, and everyone in this world. With this flame you can light enough candles to brighten the whole universe. Some of the other flames they ignited in me and that I want to pass on to you are these.

Love is stronger than hate. Giving brings more joy than receiving. Forgiveness heals our hearts. Love and joy are both choices we make and gifts we share. Hate comes from ignorance, but love brings wisdom. We are all Children of God. And we should not only claim our birthright, but live up to it as well. We are all one family here and we should do our best to help each other’s candles burn as brightly and beautifully as possible.

Take happiness then in lighting the candles of learning and love inside of yourself. Take joy when others light them inside you as well. And with love and goodness share their light with everyone everywhere. Remember that we all come from God’s light. Until we return to it we all should do our best to burn brightly and cast the darkness out of this world.

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