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Guardian Angel is an angel who protects and guides a particular person. The Roman Catholic Church’s calendar of saints includes a memorial for the guardian angels on October 2.

The belief that God sends a spirit to watch every individual was common in Ancient Greek philosophy, and Plato alludes to it in Phaedo, 108. Similarly, the belief appears in the Old Testament, although it is not specifically articulated nor delineated. The belief that angels can be guides and intercessors for men appears in Job 33:23-6, and in the Book of Daniel (specifically Daniel 10:13) angels seem to be assigned to certain countries. In this latter case the “prince of the Persian kingdom” was referring to one of the fallen angels also known to many as a demon.

The same verse mentions “Michael, one of the chief princes,” and Michael is one of the few angels named in the Bible. In the New Testament Book of Jude Michael is described as an archangel. The Book of Enoch, part of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church’s canon of scripture, says that God will “set a guard of holy angels over all the righteous”.

Whether guardian angels attend each and every person is not consistently believed or upheld in patristic Christian thought.  Saint Ambrose, for example, believed that saints lose their guardian angels so that they might have a greater struggle and persevere. Saints Jerome and Basil of Caesarea argued that sin drove the angels away.

Traditional Catholic Prayer to one’s Guardian Angel:-

Angel of God, my guardian dear
to whom God’s love commits me here.
Ever this day/night be at my side
to light, to guard, to rule and guide.

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  1. These pictures are very nice and attractive!!!
    Thanks to those who published .Let God bless them for their mighty works………..

  2. Hello Francis,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful feedback.

    Please pray for us to carry on this work forever.

    Georgy N Joseph

  3. Hello!

    Do you by chance have any prints of these photos? Or a higher resolution to print? Specifically the one with the angel and the curly-haired blonde girl and little boy picking flowers?

    Please let me know and thank you in advance!


  4. Hi Valerie,

    I am sorry I don’t have any prints of these guardian angel photos. Wish you good luck in finding them with someone else. God Bless.

    Georgy N Joseph

  5. I can’t help but love all these images of guardian angels and the wonderful works they do for us. What a kind God we have, who gave them to us free of charge. May God give us the wisdom to be able to communicate with them and understand them when they are wispering to us.

  6. to all,
    God was so wise in giving us angels at birth to guide us, i love my angel so much because many times i call on him to help me or give me advice and he does. many of us too make our angels very sad when we move from God and follow other ways.. trust and call on your angels with the guardian angel prayer and see what happens. talk to him like you can talk to me and how happy you will be….also mark this, imagine when you enter evil places you force your angel to follow you because HE has to abide by the law of God , to be with you everywhere…. try to take Him to church or at home or a good place and make him happy, he will make you happy too when he shall deliver you to HEAVEN where you belong….

  7. Can you tell me the name of the picture that has the angel overlooking the little girl & boy crossing the bridge? I don’t know what to call the picture in searches. Thank you.

  8. i am a hindu convert retd lecturer want to do childrens ministry so ineed some bible characters images can you help me

  9. hi this is jaishema from trinidad and tobago im a psychic and spiritual reader………….1868-296-7241…………..i do reading by appointments…………..there are many angels some of which we dont even know all around us.

  10. Hello Gregory,
    you are doing a wonderful Apostolate…congrats… May God bless you…would be good to know each other better… where are you now? doing what?…working in some Organizations?..where are u coming from?

  11. I love Jesus, and i think we should embrace his unconditional love by fulfilling what the scriptures say!

  12. Hi, how can I order a particular picture of the angels. I need the one with the angel behind the boy crossing on a wood.

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