Good Friday Wallpapers

Good Friday Wallpapers – 24 high resolution Good Friday wallpapers – are given above. Click on a thumbnail image to see the wallpaper in full dimensions. If you want to save a wallpaper, just right-click on the full sized image and select ‘save picture as’ to save the picture to your computer.

We call this day good but how can we? Yes, I know why we call it Good Friday, but when we call it good we ignore His suffering and His death. In our greed, selfishness, and ego we call this day good. Yet Christ died on this day not to preserve our greed, selfishness, and ego, but to save the best part of us.

Christ died to save the container within us that holds His love, His grace, His mercy, and His passion. This is the day of the year that I wish would end quickly for it is a day of mourning and grief. Every minute of this day I am constantly thinking about His suffering. We call this day good only because of ourselves. We are to die with Him on this day. Yet, He has spared us from knowing fully about all that He suffered.

We wish all of you, all the blessings of this Good Friday which comes up in 2 days time. And we hope that these Good Friday wallpapers are ideal to be set as our desktop wallpaper so that we remember the extreme to which our GOD has gone to save each one of us.

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  1. Good Friday is an day of raining all weekend, it is sad day but a new bright day strange day of the celebration, of 🥇 its a memory of an event of eggs, and Easter bunnies. and fasting for any religion. no matter how and where we are and what does fasting means. as fasting for the festival is a festival. but not locally. everyday.

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