God’s Wisdom Makes People Fly High

Gods wisdom makes people fly high

Once an young man was riding an old Ford car. On the way, it broke down. He tried all possible ways to repair the problem but nothing worked. Hours passed by. Later an old man came that way.

Seeing the sad state of the young man, he asked him whether he could help him. The young man joyfully agreed. As he was looking, the old man did something on the engine and within a few minutes, the problem was solved.

In amazement, the young man asked the old man how he could solve the problem within a short time. The old man replied, “I am Henry Ford. I am the one who manufactured this car!”

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As we see in this story, all of us need wisdom to run our lives well. We may get knowledge from different places but nothing works as good as God’s wisdom. It’s because, like Henry Ford, God is the One who created us and all that we see in this universe.

So He has the right answer for our questions and right solution for our problems. There is nothing about which He would comment, “I never thought of that!”

The Bible calls God the All-Knowing God. He knows everything about the past, the present and the future – all about everybody and everything.

When someone finds something new, what do we call it? Discovery! Why? Because it was already there! It’s just now that somebody found it. God knew about it all the time!

That’s why Proverbs 21:30 says, “There is no [human] wisdom or understanding or counsel [that can prevail] against the Lord.” In other words, all wisdom that we need in this world is already there in God. He has inscribed it in His Word. No one can add any more to it.

Jesus regularly sought after the Father’s wisdom as He was on this earth. And that fetched Him success even amidst difficult times. God’s wisdom makes people fly high.

Take time daily to get wisdom from the Lord through His Word. It’s worth doing so because it can prevent huge amounts of time and resources from being wasted otherwise.

God’s wisdom enables you to excel in your field – be it business, family, education, arts, administration, service or ministry. His wisdom makes people fly high!

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