Embrace What Is Good

Embrace What Is Good

There are many good things in this world. Our world is not that bad as many suppose. Since God created it and is ruling it, it does have so many good things to offer us.

The Scripture exhorts us to think on what is good, pleasant and noble. Why? Because there are so many good, pleasant and noble things in this world to think about!

What you expect as you wake up in the morning has a tremendous impact on you that day. If you expect good things, you will experience it at different times and situations all through the day. Even when you face bad stuff, since you are expecting God’s goodness, you will be able to overcome the bad.

Embrace what is good. See the good side of people. Enjoy your work. See goodness in your present state.

When busy, it’s easy to lose sight of the good things in life and give in to stress and pressure. Find time to relax and enjoy good stuff. The Scripture notes that during the time of creation, time and again God enjoyed all that He created.

Enjoying what is good is a decision that you make daily. It is your act of praising God for all that He created. It is also your act of thanking God for His goodness.

– – – written by Joe Abraham

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