Door of Prayer

Door of Prayer

Psalm 116:2He has inclined His ear to me and I will call upon Him as long as I live.

Recently I was shopping at a department store, and took note of the automatic doors. One door was labeled “in”, and would automatically swing inward as you approached it. The other, marked “out”, only worked from the opposite side.

I am so thankful that Prayer – our communication with God – is extended to us in a different manner.  His doors of love opens both ways – it is not a one-sided affair. Because God answers prayer.

Our Heavenly Father is so majestic and mighty, but He listens to us as we speak to him.  Am I attuned to listen to Him when He speaks to me? He is always available to us. He will hear our praises and petitions. They may transpire anytime of the day or night, be of any length, and be grand or simple in language.

Likewise, He talks to us in so very many ways – perhaps through  a friend, a sermon, a Christian book, tape or radio program, through spiritual music, or through the awareness of the miracle of nature and life. He definitely speaks to me through His holy Word – The Bible.  He even speaks to us in the small still inner voice that each Christian possesses.

Thank you, Lord, that our communication is a two-way door. You  listen to us, as well as speak to us . We can talk to you as well as hear You through the door you have opened for each of your children- The door of prayer.

– – – Written By Marion Smith

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