Disability Prayer

Disability Prayer

Let us pray for the vision impaired…who can only see differences in people, not who that person is inside…

Let us pray for the speech impaired…who can only speak with harsh and hurtful words, instead of kindness and understanding….

Let us pray for the emotionally disturbed…who can not seem to care for anyone that is any different from themselves, instead of at least trying to love everyone, “different” or not….

Let us pray for the hearing impaired…who can only hear the unspoken words, instead of listening for what someone is trying to tell them…

Please God…help these truly disabled people so that this world can become a better place for ALL of your children…….


by Tina Yows, July 1997

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  1. Dear sir PRAY for ROH

    Greetings from SUPPORT (Body of ROH), Hindupur.

    Sub: Request for support for development activities for disabled, women, children in Hindupur and Chirala areas of Andhra Pradesh – reg.

    We from SUPPORT are happy to introduce our organization to your esteemed organization. SUPPORT is the voluntary organization officially registered as Relief Organisation for Handicapped with Govt. of India. It is also registered with Ministry of Home Affairs for receiving foreign contributions and with Department of Income Tax for exemption from tax for the donations. SUPPORT works in Hindupur and Chirala areas of Anantapur and Prakasam districts in Andhra Pradesh state.

    It is established in the year 1993 by committed group of individuals with the objective of establishing equitable society where marginalized and disadvantaged sections of society will have equal opportunities and live with self-respect in mainstream society. It is pioneered by Mr. Nimton and Mr. Absalam who came hard way in life belonging to backward communities while the former being disabled himself.

    The organization has taken up various development activities in Hindupur area for disabled, women, children and working with community groups, people other voluntary organizations on variety of issues including HIV/AIDS, women development, dalith empowerment, disabled empowerment.

    It closely coordinates its activities with government participating in various government initiated activities, educating communities, facilitating benefits and promoting empowerment. The activities include education for children with disabilities, normal poor children, women development through self-help, awareness, vocational training, employment promotion, Medical care and community health care in rural areas and awareness on HIV/AIDS.

    In this regard to take up these activities further we request your kind support and guidance for our organization. If you have guidelines please send us to associate with your esteemed organization to promote the lives of poor and needy of this area.

    Looking forward for your kind response.

    Thank you,

    With regards,

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