Christmas Cards – Set 03

Third set of Christmas Cards are posted here at TBTG. Have a look at them given just above.

I wish all readers of TBTG a wonderful Christmas, filled with joy and spiritually enjoying our saviors birth. Sending Christmas Cards , the custom is dying now, but it is kept more alive on the Internet by sending E-Cards as Christmas Greetings. So here is a set of 12 Christmas Greeting pics to help you in doing so.

Although there are differences of opinion about how much God directs the events of a person’s life, there is less debate about how much God intervened in the birth of Jesus. People may argue about how much or about how little God was involved in many occurrences in the history of mankind, but most professing Christians agree that God micromanaged the birth of His Son. In The Prophecy Study Bible Tim LaHaye lists 125 prophecies in the Old Testament about the first coming of Christ. God gave details about the coming Messiah. Then He made it happen. As I said earlier, Jesus’ birth was important to the Father.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Georgyn and everybody who’s been visiting your site religiously. And thanks so much for everything you have shared here. Please continue inspiring everybody with your prayers, thoughts, songs, poems, etc. God bless us all.

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