Children : Jesus’ Little Wonders

Jesus Little Wonders

Yes, children indeed are Jesus’ little angelic wonders.

There are so many, many things I have learnt from them. My son, from his birth till date has taught me so many things in his own, sweet, innocent way. As time goes by, he seems to be becoming my role model. After much discussion, did we decide to name him Noel, which when I think of it now, is so very apt for him. ‘Noel’ means ‘the birth of Jesus’ and I feel he is indeed, our little infant Jesus come to us, to guide and love us the very small funny things to the much more important decisions – his outlook and our outlook are so very different.

I have struck dumb by some of his beautiful words, actions, expressions and advice. I wonder, then, why I didn’t think of it before or why I didn’t think that way. When I teach him, sometimes he becomes naughty. I scold him. He told me, calmly, to be nice to him and he’d listen. His words, most often, are reminders, path-breakers to me. If not Jesus’ wonders, then what else are they?

Today, when I went to Church, brother was telling the elder children coming for catechism to emulate their younger friends, who come to Church, not on time. These young blooming buds are little angels – in their innocence. Sometimes, when I listen to his small-talk and chatter, I wonder, where I am going in this rush of living. You know, I have felt, firsthand how much easier it is to be nice, innocent, straight forward, simple, humble and naïve than be shrewd, cunning, sly, calculating, opportunistic and proud. It’s so much easier on your physical, mental spiritual and psychological well-being.

What can be a better stress-buster than being innocent as a child. We should learn from our children. They have not lost that heavenly link, with which they are born, as yet. Then, why do we lose it on our ongoing journey of life, in adulthood. Children keep you grounded, reminding you that this rush is meaningless. From what I have understood, I feel, they say that be happy in life and give peace and love to each other.

Helen Keller has written that if she was granted eyesight for three days, on the first day, itself, she would like to see the eager and innocent face of a baby, that which precedes the conflicts of later life. So, it could be the conflicts of life which make us so in adulthood, could be our excuse. Jawaharlal Nehru loved children. His birthday is celebrated as children’s Day.

We cannot deny a child’s innocent smile. We love to play with children, talk to them, love them. Being in the company of children is the biggest joy in life, Why? Because they are the Lord’s chosen ones – the ones closest to His heart and when they are born, they impart that divine Godliness to us. I have decided to see my boy as my guide and anchor rather that emulate all the celebrities of the world because through him I see the Lord, speaking to me.

– – – written by Elizabeth Roy

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