Children International Sponsorship Program

We children need your help

There are thousands of very poor children who are waiting for someone to give them a hand up.someone like you.

Sponsorship changes children’s lives.and might even change yours too.

Since 1936, Children International has worked tirelessly to ease the burdens poverty places upon poor children. Today, our most urgent effort is to fight poverty by connecting sponsors with children around the world.

Right now, impoverished children all over the world suffer in silence. Born into poverty, often to parents struggling to survive on just pennies a day, these poor children often live without access to medical care, a good education, adequate housing, decent clothing or a chance for a better future.

But there is hope – if you sponsor one of these poor children through Children International.

The Children International® Sponsorship Program is helping impoverished children by providing meaningful benefits and services that help them grow up confident, healthy and educated.
Through our affordable, monthly giving program, sponsored children receive the right help at the right time, including:

* Health care and medicine
* Dental care
* Malnutrition screenings and nutritional support
* Sturdy clothing and shoes
* School supplies and improved access to education
* Encouragement and hope

Sponsors get much in return. Regular letters and photos from sponsored children help them see how their donations change lives. And sponsorship gives sponsors a tremendous sense of satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment…all through helping a needy child have a better life.

You can sponsor a child today and assist us in reaching a common goal: making the world a better place by helping impoverished children grow into responsible, healthy, educated and self-reliant adults.


Children International is a nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to bettering the lives of impoverished children, their families and communities. We achieve our goals primarily through child sponsorship, which unites children in need with individual sponsors who wish to address the children’s immediate and basic needs. Sponsorship gives poor children the tools and opportunities necessary for success by providing benefits and supporting programs for each child – primarily in the areas of education and health. Our sponsorship program currently benefits more than 300,000 impoverished children and their families in 11 countries throughout the world, including Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, the Philippines, the United States and Zambia.


We enjoy hearing from our contributors and friends. Our goal is to provide you with prompt, courteous service.

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Call toll-free in the U.S.:
Monday through Thursday: 7 am – 9 pm Central time
Friday: 7 am – 6 pm Central time
In Kansas City or outside the U.S.: 1-816-942-2000

Children International
2000 East Red Bridge Road
P.O. Box 219055
Kansas City, MO 64121

If you’d like to contact Children International electronically, contact us via email at , and let us specifically know how we can help you.

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