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November 21st, 2008

Misconceptions on Zodiac signs

Misconceptions on Zodiac signs

Do you believe in Astronomical  predicting your life? Come on… how can u believe that?

Its God, not the position of any star at your birth time, deciding your future. Deep in your heart you know this is true. But we often tend to be thinking about our astral signs, how good is this week for my zodiac sign, will my business will get a boost or bla bla bla.

Nooo! Its wrong! In fact its a sin to believe in zodiac signs, as its against God’s first one among HIS ten commandments.

November 21st, 2008

An Atheist, a Theist and an Agnostic

An Atheist, a Theist and a Agnostic


Theism, in its most inclusive usage, is the belief in at least one deity. Some narrower usages specify that the deity believed in be a distinct identifiable entity, thereby being contrasted with pantheism. Other narrower usages specify that the deity (or deities) be an active, immanent force in the universe, thus excluding some forms of deism. Theism can be categorized into more particular types, such as monotheism  and polytheism.


‘Atheism’ means the negation of theism, the denial of the existence of God. I shall here assume that the God in question is that of a sophisticated monotheism. The tribal gods of the early inhabitants of Palestine are of little or no philosophical interest. They were essentially finite beings, and the god of one tribe or collection of tribes was regarded as good in that it enabled victory in war against tribes with less powerful gods. Similarly the Greek and Roman gods were more like mythical heroes and heroines than like the omnipotent, omniscient and good God postulated in medieval and modern philosophy.


‘Agnostic’ is more contextual than is ‘atheist’, as it can be used in a non-theological way, as when a cosmologist might say that she is agnostic about string theory, neither believing nor disbelieving it. Agnosticism is the philosophical view that the truth value of certain claims – particularly metaphysical claims regarding theology, afterlife or the existence of deities, ghosts, or even ultimate reality – is unknown or, depending on the form of agnosticism, inherently impossible to prove or disprove.

Agnosticism is often put forth as a middle ground between theism and atheism.

But, Please Be A Theist…

November 21st, 2008

Do you care if your beliefs are true?

Do you care if your beliefs are true

Got the message? Yes…You should know why you believe in something, not like the priest above. Read the Bible, go for group prayer, consult your parish priest, take part in good christian things like Jesus Youth. Know your God and be firm in your beliefs, not that someone told you that its so when you were 8 years of age. You must be capable of explaining to anyone why you are a christian now and why you choose to remain so.

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