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September 26th, 2009

Video : Healer – The Kelsie Story

Watch the video clip given above. GOD HEALS… (Duration: 7:35 minutes)

Kelsie, the little girl in this story is born with a terrible disease, Leukemia. Her parents share how they felt all along, right from the instant they came to know about this bad news, till the day when Kelsie is miraculously saved. A must see video, I should say!

The song playing in the background is Healer from Kari Jobe’s self named album.

God is a healer, because we need to be healed, a Savior, because we need to be saved. And many more …. I accept Him and respect Him because He is the only One, who can help me. Be patient! If we don’t understand His ways today, we may learn more of it tomorrow. Though some things will always remain hidden, because His ways are higher than ours. But He will prove He loves you, and didn’t forget about you. Ask Him! He is also a teacher, because we are ignorant. I am ignorant.

September 26th, 2009

Video : Dad Fixes Everything

Play the above video clip. It tells about a girl and her lovely father (Duration: 3 minutes)

Download this video clip

This video shows that fathers are willing to do anything for their children, including Our Father in heaven. He gives us more than we need simply because he loves us. This video is an illustration of the love that God shows to us. It is also telling us that no matter how we treat our Father, He will never turn away from us and He will try to make things better for us even when we pout and don’t deserve it.

This is one of the best video I’ve seen on Tangle. It reminded me of my parents as I was growing up, and how much they worked to meet the family’s needs. How as a child I didn’t understand not having everything I wanted and being told NO. But just as the narrator states at the end, the greatest thing my parents ever gave me was love… not only theirs, but to raise me in church so that I could come to know the love of Christ my Savior.

This superb video is made by Yasmin Ahmad, a Muslim transvestite filmmaker from Malaysia, and commissioned by the Singaporean government to promote good family values. It gives a wonderful message to all and a perfect example of God’s love for us. Yasmin passed away on 23 July 2009 from a stroke and hemorrhaging in the brain. You can see many of her other wonderful videos on YouTube — aside from this video, my favourites are “Funeral” and “Chinese New Year Ad 02” – they really contain great Christian family values and tell great touching stories with humour.

September 13th, 2009

Video : A Man Fell In A Hole

Watch the above Video Clip. Its really a wonderful and rare one.

Download Video Here

The video starts by showing a man falling into a hole. He tries to escape from there, but in vain. Meantime many people come near the hole and advise him several things like he should meditate and reach Nirvana to escape, the hole is actually not there and its an illusion, pray hard to get out of the hole etc etc…

The man tries everything as told to him, but still he remains in the same hole.

Then, one day, another man with a graceful face came near the hole. He called out and asked the man in the hole whether he wanted to be free. The man nodded. This man then threw a rope into the pit and came down to the hole himself. Then he took hold of the man in the hole, who by the time was almost unconscious, and dragged him into the light.

The man in the hole was saved and he saw that his savior had a hole in his palm. He quickly stood up and what he saw was just  THE CROSS.

What lesson do we learn from the above video?

It’s not by our own strength that we can overcome the sinfulness of our hearts. Only through Christ our Lord can we find the power to overcome the sinful nature of our wicked hearts and minds. Without Christ it is impossible. This video sums up that we need Christ to help us or we never get out of darkness of sinfulness.

It is such a good picture of how sinners try everything the world has to offer but they cannot fulfill or redeem them. But God is rich in mercy and love. What a great thing for the ALMIGHTY GOD to humble himself and be born in sinful flesh to pay the price to redeem us.

Regarding why the last man was last : Maybe the last man was always there but could not be seen or comprehended by the man in the hole until he had reached a certain level of despair and hopelessness. Sometimes we refuse to see what is right in front of us, or we are so blinded by things we desire or the way that seems easy that we fail to recognize what we really need. And I don’t believe Jesus waits until we ask for help. The apostle Paul says Jesus saved us while we were still sinners, even before we were born, by dying on the cross. Jesus is always with us, knowing us and loving us before we were even born. He watches over us through family and friends. He comes to us in Baptism and seals us as his own. Some of us still fail to see him. Some of us have to fall into a big hole and use everything at our disposal before we are able to finally recognize the one who had his hand out for us all along.

We try everything in our own strength But we can’t do it on our own we need Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord for Salvation and for your indescribable love and mercy.

This is the greatest love of our Savior Jesus Christ. The other men were mislead. Jesus was the only One who could save him. The morale of this story is that Jesus is the only way out of despair.

More than a moving portrayal of man’s situation without God…it shows us what God is willing to do just so to save us! HALLELUAH!!!

Great message of how long we wonder before going to the Way, The Truth and Life — Jesus Christ.

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