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March 20th, 2012

Will God Forgive My Grave Sins?

Will God Forgive My Grave Sins

Have you ever committed a grave sin? Are you doubting whether God will forgive your grave sins? Are you in doubts and have not done a confession for a long time, or not believing in confession?

I would like to share something that helped me to give importance to confession and changed my life to see things differently, trusting the Lord who is always there waiting for our call to guide us.

The Story of God’s Forgiveness

Once there was a wealthy young man, God-fearing in nature who got married to a beautiful young lady. Both were very happy but the woman even though she was provided with everything the world could give was not happy. The man being a good person gave everything to make her happy but still she would always be disturbed and unhappy. He showed her to the best doctors, councillors, took her to different exotic places around the world but nothing could change her.

One fine day, there was a preacher who had come to their parish to give a retreat and this man took his wife for blessing and counselling. The only thing that the wife said was she has committed a great sin in the past before marriage for which she had confess and that she is sure even after confession it cannot be forgiven. Understanding her concern the father told the lady to come along with him for a walk by the river side that evening.

While walking on the banks of the river the preacher took this opportunity to tell her to pretend that they are talking to God and confessing their sins to God. And as a penance God is asking them to pick up a stone equivalent to the size of their sin and to throw the stone in the sea. The preacher takes a small stone to the size of his sin and throws it in the water asking the lady what she saw in the water. She replied that there was a noise with a small splash and the stone slowly sank in the river.

Now was the turn of the lady to do the same and the preacher said; knowing her sin he will help her carry a big stone that she chooses to throw. Picking up the huge stone they did the same as the preacher had done, threw the stone in the sea. Once again the preacher questioned the lady asking her to describe what she saw. This time also her answer was the same but it made a very big noise with a huge splash of water so big that they were wet and the stone went into the sea sinking slowly with calmness coming to the river once again.

Keeping the experiment in mind the preacher compared the woman sin saying even though both of them had different stone to the size of their sins once thrown into the seas both could not be seen and that after the stones sank they brought calmness once again.

Nature of God’s Forgiveness

The is what the preacher made the women understand that once we confess our sins to God they are surely forgiven, no matter how big or dangerous they may be, never to be seen again. Just as the east and the west cannot meet each other, the same way God also forgives our sins never to look back at them again.

Once the woman understood this formula and changed the way she was thinking, there was great rejoicing and happiness in her married life and she was able to love her husband like never before. We need to guard our spoken word to receive only by saying what we desire to have which is acceptable and pleasing to God.

So my friends, please remember: However grave your sins maybe, the infinite kindness and love of our Lord will erase even your gravest sins forever, once you confess your sins truly and wholeheartedly to God.

– – – written by Tome de Souza

March 18th, 2012

Little Bobby’s Letters To God

Little Bobby's Letters To God

Little Bobby came into the kitchen where his mother was making dinner. His birthday was coming up and he thought this was a good time to tell his mother what he wanted. “Mom, I want a bike for my birthday.” Little Bobby was a bit of a troublemaker. He had gotten into trouble at school and at home.

Bobby’s mother asked him if he thought he deserved to get a bike for his birthday. Little Bobby, of course thought he did. Bobby’s mother wanted Bobby to reflect on his behavior over the last year. “Go to your room, Bobby, and think about how you have behaved this year. Then write a letter to God and tell him why you deserve a bike for your birthday.”

Little Bobby stomped up the steps to his room and sat down to write God a letter.

Letter 1
Dear God,
I have been a very good boy this year and I would like a bike for my birthday.
I want a red one.
Your friend,

Bobby knew that this wasn’t true. He had not been a very good boy this year,
So he tore up the letter and started over.
Letter 2
Dear God,
This is your friend Bobby. I have been a good boy this year and I would like
A red bike for my birthday. Thank you.

Your friend,
Bobby knew that this wasn’t true either. So, he tore up the letter and started again.
Letter 3
Dear God,
I have been an OK boy this year. I still would really like a bike for my birthday.

Bobby knew he could not send this letter to God either. So, Bobby wrote a fourth letter.
Letter 4
I know I haven’t been a good boy this year. I am very sorry.
I will be a good boy if you just send me a bike for my birthday.
Please! Thank you,

Bobby knew, even if it was true, this letter was not going to get him a bike. Now, Bobby was very upset. He went downstairs and told his mom that he wanted to go to church. Bobby’s mother thought her plan had worked, as Bobby looked very sad. Just be home in time for dinner, Bobby’s mother told him.

Bobby walked down the street to the church on the corner. Little Bobby went into the church and up to the altar. He looked around to see if anyone was there. Bobby bent down and picked up a statue of the Mary.

He slipped the statue under his shirt and ran out of the church, down the street, into the house, and up to his room. He shut the door to his room and sat down with a piece of paper and a pen. Bobby began to write his letter to God.
Letter 5

March 6th, 2012

Complaint Without Desiring A Solution

Complaint Without Desiring A Solution

One day Mulla Nazirudheen reached the post office and spoke very seriously; ‘I would like to register a complaint.’ Post master asked eagerly; ‘What is your problem?’

“For three days my wife is not at home. You must search for her and find out.” Post Master cooled himself down and said; “Mulla, you are supposed to give this complaint in the police station. Look, just at the other side of the road, there is the police station.”

Mulla Nazirudheen was very angry. He said; “I know that the complaint is to be filed in the police station. But I would like to give this complaint here.”

Post Master was in a dilemma. He told Mulla, “We have no right or power to search for a missing person. That’s up to the Police. Therefore you should give a complaint in the police station. They will find out your wife.”

“It is because of the same reason, that I will never give a complaint there. Last time when she left from the house, I was thinking of having some leisure time free from all trouble. But neighbors forced me to find her out and I filed a complaint in the police station. They found my wife and brought her home. This time too, the neighbors are forcing me to give a complaint. Therefore you should help me.

Receive this complaint here. If anyone asks me of giving the complaint, I could give them a positive answer. No one may ask where I have given the complaint. If I give a complaint in the police station, they may find out my wife. Let me live happily, at least for a month. After that I myself will find her out.”

——————— ———————

The reason for giving a complaint is solving the problem. But sometimes as Mulla Nazirudheen, we complaint without desiring a solution. Some people complain of sickness most of the times. It is a painful fact that at times they prefer to remain sick. Their aim is to get sympathy from others. They may have an inner thirst for love, care, consideration and appreciation from others.

People use sickness to cover up their failures and irresponsibility. Whatever medication or whoever be the doctor their sickness remains unhealed. Because they are not eager to lead a healthy life.

The spiritual aridity of many lies in the fact that they search for blessings but not the one who gives the blessings. Many are worried of the sins they commit, but prefer to enjoy the pleasures of sin. They may not eagerly thirst for a holy life. We are attracted to what we desire. For those who search God with whole mind and heart, He will reveal Himself. We are yet to learn to search God with whole heart, mind and soul.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to pray with a whole heart and thirst for you with a sincere mind. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara

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