Poem : Thy Name

Jesus Name

It makes the wounded spirit whole, And calms the troubled breast; ‘Tis manna to the hungry soul, And to the weary rest. Dear Name! the Rock on which I build My Shield and Hiding-place; My never-failing Treasury fill’d With boundless stores of grace. By Thee my prayers acceptance gain, Although with sin defiled; Satan accuses … Read more

Jesus : God’s Beloved Son

God's Beloved Son

Had God’s approval before His earthly life had begun Jesus came to set the standard by which we are to live, And to do this, His own life, he freely did give. Jesus pleased His Father in all that He did, That man – from sin – could be rid. As a lad of twelve … Read more

Poem : Lean On Him

Lean on Him

Sometimes, in all our lives, We have a cross to bear. We think we’re on our own And long for someone to care. We forget that God is watching, Waiting to guide us through. He understands how we feel, Is sharing our sorrows, too. Only He can see in the future, Knows what plans are … Read more

Poem : The Right Track

The Right Track

Lord I know you’re near to me I know there’s nothing You can’t see Help me to be all that You want me to be Touch my mind, body and soul, set them free You pick me up when I’m down Even when it’s my sorrows I want to drown You love me still in … Read more

Poem : I Want To Love

I Want To Love

I want to love, Lord I need to love. All my being is desire; My heart, My body, yearn in the night towards an unknown one to love. My arms thrash about, and I can seize on no object for my love. I am alone and want to be two. I speak, and no one … Read more