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December 5th, 2008

MOST (The Bridge) Movie

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A simple but beautiful and profound story, MOST quietly stuns audiences everywhere it plays. Rich with meaning and symbolism, some viewers have said its better than many feature films they have screened. Indeed, this 2003, 33-minute short earned an Academy award nomination for best short film and went on to win top prizes at three other film festival competitions Dances with Films, Heartland Film Festival and Palm Springs International Short Film festival.

The Plot of MOST the movie:-

A father and son love each other very much. Stargazing or enjoying tea together, the two are nearly inseparable. One day, Lada, the son, asks his father if he can join him at the bridge. The bridge is where the father works as an operator, raising a drawbridge when a boat must pass and lowering it when the train arrives. On the one day that Lada joins his father at work, a train arrives early. Lada tries to alert his father that the train is early, but his father cannot hear him. Father is away, inspecting some machinery. So, the boy rushes to throw the switch manually, enabling the drawbridge to drop and let the train safely pass. But, by the time the father discovers the problem, Lado has accidentally fallen into the drawbridge wheel and pulley mechanisms. The father must make a choice. Save his son and let the train wreck. Or, lower the bridge, save the train and sacrifice his son to the crushing wheels.

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MOST goes the extra mile in packing the story with strong symbolic images. Many of these symbols are left unexplained, but the discerning viewer will understand them. MOST lets the viewer see some of the sin and depravity of some of the train passengers. And, it also depicts new life and new hope to one of the train’s most desperate passengers. MOST is not a frontal assault, blatant in its storytelling. It creeps up on your and enters your spirit through the backdoor.

The Salvation of all required the Sacrifice of the one most dear.

Yes, GOD sacrificed His only son for us.

MOST the Movie Trailer :-

MOST stands up there with PASSION OF THE CHRIST and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA as a re-definition quality Christian film making.

November 21st, 2008

Movie : BenHur (1959)

Ben-Hur (1959 Movie) 01 Ben-Hur (1959 Movie) 02 Ben-Hur (1959 Movie) 03 Ben-Hur (1959 Movie) 04

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Ben-Hur (or Benhur) is a 1959 movie directed by William Wyler, and is the third film version of Lew Wallace’s novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1880). It premiered at Loews Theater in New York City on November 18, 1959. The film went on to win a record of eleven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, a feat equaled only by Titanic (1997) and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003).

Director – William Wyler

Writers – Lew Wallace, Karl Tunberg

Release – 10 December 1959

Genre – Action | Adventure | Drama | Romance

Tagline – A Tale of the Christ

Awards – Won 11 Oscars. Another 17 wins & 5 nominations


Charlton Heston …….. Judah Ben-Hur

Jack Hawkins ………… Quintus Arrius

Haya Harareet ……….. Esther

Stephen Boyd ………… Messala

Hugh Griffith ………… Sheik Ilderim

Martha Scott …………. Miriam

Cathy O’Donnell ……. Tirzah

Sam Jaffe ……………… Simonides

Finlay Currie ………… Balthasar

Frank Thring ………… Pontius Pilate

Terence Longdon …… Drusus

George Relph ………… Tiberius Caesar

André Morell ………… Sextus


Judah Ben-Hur lives as a rich Jewish prince and merchant in Jerusalem at the beginning of the 1st century. Together with the new governor his old friend Messala arrives as commanding officer of the Roman legions. When Prince Judah Ben-Hur hears that his childhood friend Messala has been named to command the Roman garrison of Jerusalem, he is thrilled. He soon finds however that his friend has changed and has become an arrogant conqueror, full of the grandeur of Rome.At first they are happy to meet after a long time but their different politic views separate them.

During the welcome parade a brick falls down from Judah’s house and barely misses the governor. Although Messala knows that they are not guilty he sends Judah to the galleys and throws his mother and sister into prison. When Judah refuses to divulge the names of Jews who oppose Roman rule, Messala decides to make an example of him and sends him off as a galley-slave. But Judah swears to come back and take revenge. Through fate and good fortune, Judah survives the galleys and manages to return to Jerusalem in the hopes of finding his mother and sister, who were also imprisoned, and to seek revenge against his one-time friend.

The chariot race sequence in the Circus Maximus (an amazing replica of the one in Rome) is one of the most thrilling and famous in film history. The site of the race, the Circus Maximus in Jerusalem (Judea), was constructed on over 18 acres of backlot space at Cinecitta Studios outside Rome, and the filming of the sequence took about five weeks. Except for two of the most spectacular stunts, both Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd did all their own chariot driving in the carefully-choreographed sequence.

The Famous Chariot Race of Ben-Hur 

November 20th, 2008

Movie : The Bible – In the Beginning (1966 film)

The Bible (1966 movie) 01 The Bible (1966 movie) 02 The Bible (1966 movie) 03 The Bible (1966 movie) 04

The Bible (1966 movie) 05 The Bible (1966 movie) 06 The Bible (1966 movie) 07 The Bible (1966 movie) 08

Director        –   John Huston
Writers          –  Vittorio Bonicelli, Christopher Fry
Release Date  –  28 September 1966
Genre            –  Drama
Tagline          –  In the Beginning…


Michael Parks ……………… Adam
Ulla Bergryd ……………….. Eve
Richard Harris ……………. Cain
John Huston ………………. Noah / Voices of God, The Serpent / Offscreen Narrator
Stephen Boyd …………….. Nimrod
George C. Scott ………….. Abraham
Ava Gardner ………………. Sarah
Peter O’Toole …………….. The Three Angels
Zoe Sallis ………………….. Hagar
Gabriele Ferzetti………….. Lot
Eleonora Rossi Drago…… Lot’s wife
Franco Nero ………………. Abel
Pupella Maggio ………….. Noah’s wife
Robert Rietty ……………… Abraham’s steward
Peter Heinze ………………. Shem


Extravagant production of the first part of the book of Genesis. (Covers Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood and Abraham and Isaac). An elaborate Hollywood retelling of the Bible stories narrated by the film’s director John Huston. We open with the Creation of the World and arrive at the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve (Michael Parks and Ulla Bergryd) and continue on to Cain (Richard Harris) and the murder of Abel (Franco Nero). Next, we visit Noah (John Huston) and his ark with its spectacular flood sequence.

Then we come to the story of Nimrod, King of Babel (Stephen Boyd), the emergence of man’s vanity and the heights to which it could aspire if unchecked. Finally we cover Abraham (George C. Scott), a mystic who spoke personally with God, a leader of men, a builder of nations, a pioneer and a warrior and Sarah (Ava Gardner). At the time she conceived her first child, the event being forecast by an Angel of the Lord. Three such Heavenly Messengers (all portrayed by Peter O’Toole) appeared in the course of events which befell Abraham and Sarah.

Movie Clip of the film – The Bible

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