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September 8th, 2010

Mobile Pictures of Jesus Christ – Set 01

Mobile Pictures of Jesus Christ – Set 01 is reposted today with lots of changes.

The days of WAP are over and now most people have mobile handsets with HTML browsers. 90% of them also have a data cable to connect to the computer and transfer images to the mobile from the PC. Considering these, we are going to modify the Mobiles category at TBTG. The image sets, like the first set given above, will lead you to a mobile compatible version of the Jesus picture, which you can save to your computer and later transfer to your handset using a data cable.

3 Steps to get your mobile wallpaper

1. Click on the desired image from the thumbnails above

2. Right click and save the full size mobile image that is then presented to you

3. Transfer the image from computer to your mobile handset using a data cable

Done! You can then carry our Lord Jesus Christ always with you as I am sure we all never part with our handsets.

This change is as a result of a suggestion made by my dearest friend Oushee Ouseph and she contributed some of the above mobile images. Thanks a lot my dear friend in Christ. God Bless You and all who are setting Jesus as your mobile wallpaper. Hail Jesus!

January 28th, 2010

English Bible and Malayalam Bible Mobile Softwares

Christians Mobile

To get English Bible Mobile Software, click on English Bible Mobile Software

To get Malayalam Bible Mobile Software, click on Malayalam Bible Mobile Software

Mobile Bible is completely free of cost. You can download it freely and you can redistribute freely.

Please dont make money of this application.

Word Of God says “Freely you have received, freely give – Matthew 10:8”.

Let the “Word Of God” reaches corners of the world.

Important!! Your mobile should support the required languages.

(To check Malayalam language support for your mobile, check out your manual or in your mobile goto Settings–>Phone Settings–>Phone Language (this navigation path may vary according to your model and vendor. Once you are able to find Malayalam language support, just download the one which best suites for your mobile and start using Malayalam bible on your mobile.)

Special Features

1. Easily navigate through books, chapters and even verses.

2. You can send SMS or MMS as many verses as you want.

3. Comes with searching options.

4. Stores recent search results.

5. Has bookmark options.

6. Every time opens with the last chapter you was reading.

We really hope that you all are overjoyed getting your copy of English or  Malayalam Bible Mobile Softwares so that you are always with ‘THE WORD’ wherever you go, as you will have your handset with you all the time.

August 30th, 2009

Mobile Pics of Virgin Mary – Set 08

Virgin Mary Pics 0801 Virgin Mary Pics 0802 Virgin Mary Pics 0803 Virgin Mary Pics 0804

– – – ID: 571308 – – – – – ID: 571346 – – – – – – ID: 571387 – – – – – – ID: 571426 – – –

Virgin Mary Pics 0805 Virgin Mary Pics 0806 Virgin Mary Pics 0807 Virgin Mary Pics 0808 Defending children

– – – ID: 571461 – – – – – ID: 571483 – – – – – – ID: 571511 – – – – – – ID: 571573 – – –

Virgin Mary Pics 0809 penteco Virgin Mary Pics 0810 Virgin Mary Pics 0812 Virgin Mary Pics 0816

– – – ID: 571615 – – – – – ID: 571643 – – – – – – ID: 571666 – – – – – – ID: 571696 – – –

Virgin Mary Pics 0813 Virgin Mary Pics 0814 Virgin Mary Pics 0815

– – – ID: 571768 – – – – – ID: 571797 – – – – – – ID: 571821 – – – – –

Want to get any of these free pics of virgin mary in your mobile handset?

Open your mobile wap browser and goto this url  –
Enter the respective 6 digit ID number in the box you see and select ‘Find File’

You will see ‘File Found’ message and a link saying ‘click here to download’.
Select that link in your mobile browser to download the particular pic to your mobile set.

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