But then He said Lets Pray

Kneel before Jesus

I sat upon the edge one day
To cast my gaze below,
Observing what was said and done
By men I did not know.

Thus caught my eye a horrid sight
I all but understood
And jumping up, my head amiss,
Flew quickly as I could.

Before my King I humbly came,
Cast on my knees in prayer;
With quiet voice and aching heart
I questioned the worlds current affairs?

He picked me up with gentle hands
And searched me with His eyes;
He set me there before His throne
And turned to part the skies.

He told me then of man, all loved,
Who breathed His very breath;
He told me how He gave them all,
By suffering in His death.

“And yet,” cried I, “they love You not,
But few do seek Your name;
There seems no thought of Heaven or hell;
“For them, life is just a game!”

He turned His head – I saw the tears –
As He watched the world below;
Then breathed to me a painful sigh,
“I know, my child, I know.”

But then He said Lets Pray!

– – – By Connie Ciccone ©November 2006

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