Christian Paintings and Pictures

Jesus Painting 0101 Jesus Painting 0102 Jesus Painting 0103 Healing hands painting

Virgin Mary Painting 0101 Virgin Mary Painting 0102 Virgin Mary Painting 0103 Paradise Painting

Christian Paintings are given right here. God has given a special talent to all the painters in this world. I often wonder at their talent and creativity. A good christian painter brings us very close to god through his works. Some of the best christian paintings I found over the internet are given above. Take a look. Click on any thumbnail given above for the original painting.

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  1. My name is legal “One Nation Under God”. I am an Artist from Zion, Illinois USA. My Style is “Mystical Surrealism”. I thought that you might be interested in viewing my artworks and maybe posting some of them and some bio information. Over 130 pieces of my artworks can be viewed at the following link;

    If you need higher resolution files, then just email me and let me know. Any return comments about my artworks would be greatly appreciated.
    One Nation Under God
    Born in 1950, as Steve Kreuscher. As of Friday the 13th of June 2008, I legally changed my name, from Steve Kreuscher, to ‘In God We Trust’, and now, two years later, as of Friday the 6th of August 2010, I changed my name once again legally from ‘In God We Trust’ to ‘One Nation Under God’; It’s like a new self portrait, not with paint on canvas, but with those powerful phrases engraved onto the canvas of my life.

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  3. Hello Gladys,
    My name is Shadreck Sichivula from Zambia , Africa.A christian painter (Impressionism). I work for our national newspaper as a Graphic Artist.I would like to envagelise in ART.



  4. Hello, I am Kevin Zarate, a student from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. I saw some of your paintings and was interested in them. I’m a member of a school organization called Baptist Student Ministry and we are hosting an art gallery to raise funds for students going around the world doing missions. They are going all over the world to proclaim Christ’s name, and I was wondering if it would be possible if you could donate a painting to the organization. It would help the students be able to reach their goal to their mission trip. If you would like more information, please contact me. Please and Thank you!

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