Abstinence Rocks

Abstinence Rocks

Enjoyed the comic? But I am for Abstinence…. Do you know why?

Abstinence or Contraceptives?

In the early nineties the failures of comprehensive sex education (try not to have sex, but you are going to anyway, so here is how to use a condom, where to get them and by the way, take a few with you) were becoming obvious. After years of well funded in school comprehensive sex education, pregnancy, sexual activity rates, and disease rates had increased, not decreased.

A grass roots movement made up of diverse and sometimes-contrary elements began clamoring for change. They seemed to want several things: The benefits of marriage expounded, the choice to wait extolled, strategies for resisting peer pressure taught, the truth about condom failure rates explained, the physiological impact of early sexual activity revealed, and the idea that virginity can be “reclaimed” (Just because you started does not mean you can’t stop) taught. These core beliefs were later to be added to and articulated into the 1996 title V welfare reform bill. The medical and educational community was not sure what to make of what became to be known as “the abstinence movement”. Leaders began to push for serious consideration and government funding.

*** Sex is evil, and you should therefore not even THINK about it!

*** Condoms are only 99% safe, and combined with the pill that chance increases to only a measly 99.9%!

*** You wouldn’t want to be a baby murderer by 16 now, would you?

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