Poem : The Truth Without A Shadow Of Doubt

God of Creation

One God (Three Persons) – The Creator of all! One Redeemer – God’s Word became man By His Holy Spirit through Mary, An immaculate Jewish maiden Whose “Yes” to Gabriel ensured Our Redemption. One Church – The Catholic Church – The Body of Christ Established upon Peter as recorded in The Bible. The victim of … Read more

Trust God But Tie Your Camel

Trust God But Tie Your Camel

There was once a man who was on his way back home from market with his camel and, as he had a good day, he decided to stop at a Church along the road and offer his thanks to God. He left his camel outside and spent several hours offering thanks to God, praying and … Read more

If You Know Who You Are

If you know who you are

If you know who you are, you will make it your greatest ambition to make other people’s lives better because you showed up. If you know who you are, you will be gracious in defeat and humble is victory, knowing that you can’t be defined by a single event in life. If you know who … Read more