Prayer For Anger

Prayer in time of Anger Lord Jesus, there is anger in my heart and I cannot root it out. I know that I should calm down and offer the hurt and disappointment to You But my emotion is running away with me. Help me to overcome this weakness and give me peace of heart as … Read more

Conquer Recession

It takes strong faith to launch a major enterprise during a time of recession. One man who was a passionate lover of God did so. And the profit he made was purely amazing – one hundred percent! He became so rich that some even started envying him! Well, the man’s name was Isaac and his enterprise, … Read more

Prayer To Jesus

Prayer To Jesus : Prayer To Christ The King Christ Jesus, I acknowledge You King of the universe. All that has been created has been made for You. Make full use of Your rights over me. I renew the promises I made in Baptism, when I renounced Satan and all his pomps and works, and … Read more

Who Killed Jesus

Who killed Jesus Christ? Different people hold differing views. Some are firm on the idea that the Jews were primarily responsible. Others insist that the real culprit was Pontius Pilate. Some may argue that Satan was the force that inspired the whole scenario. Many Christians would, instead, yell out: “We did it! Our sins killed … Read more