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December 31st, 2008

Prayer for New Year

Happy New Year Prayer

Prayer for New Year:-

The new year,
like a new born child,
is placed in our hands as the old year passes away.
The days and weeks to come are God’s gift;
they carry God’s blessing.
As a blessing we welcome them.
Our hope for the year ending is that
all that was good in it remain with us and
all that was harmful be left behind.

Bless us, O Lord,
and bless the time and seasons yet to come.
Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain wisdom of heart.
And fill this new year with your kindness,
that we may be glad and rejoice
all the days of our life.


Also pray Prayer for peace by St. Francis of Assisi

December 31st, 2008

Year-End Prayer

Year End Celebration

Its the end of another great year and I am sure all of you will be celebrating tonight. End of an year, which gave us a lot of joy, some sorrow, and much more. Its time to say bye-bye to all those and welcome the New year with great hope and some good new year resolutions. Lets take some time to pray the year ending prayer before we get to the dance floor tonight.

Year Ending Prayer:-

Father, I just want to Thank You for the Year 2008! What a year!
It was a very long year with each day bringing something new something unknown;
yet you sustained us.
Teach us to draw closer to You, to find out what Your perfect will is for our lives.
Teach us and show us step by step how You want Your agenda
to flow using us as messengers and instruments.
Teach us humility and give us the ability to forgive and to love purposefully.
Strengthen our hearts with compassion and unselfishness.
Allow us to grow spiritually.
Show us how to be quick to repent continually and teach us that we are not perfect.
Thank You for the continual demonstration of Your Love!

Show us how there are many ways and not just our way as individuals
interlocked in friendships, relationships and partnerships.
Give us an allowance and understanding
so that we may enter into Your rest consistently and continually.
Teach us diligence so that we know it oh so well.
Father we have seen remnants of all of these things and
we are ever thankful and please allow us to move to new levels of knowledge,
wisdom, understanding and revelations.
Thank You for forgiveness. We thank You for corrections and peace in this.

For those who have had it tough we send ministering angels
out before them to prosper their way.
We pray Blessings over all of Your children and
we pray for enlightenment and not deception in this earth.
Thank You that our hearts are not faint and that our strength is renewed!
Thank You Father for keeping us focused and Kingdom minded.

It is our prayer that every believer begins to see that
we are all pieces of the same pie
and that we all will begin to exhort one another
and to seek wisdom on what we can learn from one another.
We pray that the Body of Christ will receive the Comforter that Jesus left for them
and all spiritual gifts that you have for them
plus a greater knowledge of The Power of The Blood of Jesus.

In Jesus Name We Pray. AMEN!

December 30th, 2008

Virgin Mary : Golden Statue Pics

Golden Mary Statue 01 Golden Mary Statue 02 Golden Mary Statue 03 Golden Mary Statue 04

Golden Mary Statue 05 Golden Mary Statue 06 Golden Mary Statue 07 Golden Mary Statue 08

Golden Mary Statues from different parts of the world are given above.

Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is the most powerful intercessor known to mankind. She commands her son, Jesus Christ, to fulfil our wishes, just as she did on the wedding day at Kanah. Most priests and brothers around the world are very strong in their devotion towards Mary and they pray at least 5 or more rosaries every day , in Her honour.

The golden statue of Virgin Mary is a great sight for anyone. They remind us of her glory and the importance of asking her intercession in our day today life.

More Virgin Mary Pics Here:-


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