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May 12th, 2012

Poem : Tears From Heaven

Tears From Heaven

The tears left their ducts,
where more would fall from
for His eyes see the sadness
of the days still yet to come.

They well within their rim,
till they begin to over flow
for His eyes see the sorrow
of what only He would know.

They trickle down His cheek,
and slowly start to run
for His eyes see the world
without the love of His Son.

They flood from their brims,
and puddle onto the floor
for His eyes see the day
this world will be no more.

Tears fall from up in heaven,
like a thunderous mighty rain
so many still live their lives
in futileness and in vain.

He cries for the unsaved,
the lost, the unforgiven . . .
His tears reflect those who reject
what His Son ~ has so freely given.

– – – written by Deborah Ann Belka

March 13th, 2012

The Beauty of Heaven, The City of God

The beauty of Heaven

Glorious things are said of you, O city of God: wherefore I have desired to behold your glory, meditating upon it through a glass in an obscure manner. But our first consideration is, why the happiness of the saints, which in the Holy Scripture is called the kingdom of heaven, is also called the City of God. This appears to me to be the reason; because as it is called a kingdom on account of its extent, so also it ought to be called a “City,” on account of its beauty.

One might suppose, when he heard of a vast and extensive kingdom, that there are in it many deserts, many wild uncultivated places, and mountains fit only for the habitation of beasts, besides inaccessible rocks, forests, and precipices. But since all these are far removed from the happiness of the saints, the Holy Spirit therefore teaches us, that the kingdom of heaven is like a most “beautiful city; and although it is of a boundless extent, yet the whole is so glorious as to appear a most populous and opulent city. In large cities especially are to be seen beautiful temples, splendid palaces, most delightful gardens, noble forums, fountains, columns, pyramids, obelisks, theatres, towers, and other buildings for the use of the public.

This kingdom so far excels all other kingdoms in glory, majesty, and extent, that the whole appears but one city, most beautiful, most noble. Truly, then, this heavenly city is such, that no one can seriously think of it without frequently aspiring after it; and no one can desire it without immediately leaving all things to possess it, and never rest till he find it.

Hear how Tobias, exulting in spirit, speaks of this city: “Thou shalt shine with a glorious light, and all the ends of the earth shall worship thee The gates of Jerusalem shall be built of sapphire and of emerald, and all the walls thereof round about of precious stones. And all its streets shall be paved with white and clean stones; and Alleluia shall be sung in its streets.” (23: 21, 22).

And St. John also, in his Apocalypse, agrees with Tobias: The building of the wall thereof was of jasper- stone; but the city itself pure gold, like to clear glass. And the foundations of the walls of the city were adorned with all manner of precious stones and every several gate was of one several pearl; and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.” (21)

But we must not suppose the heavenly Jerusalem to be in reality adorned with gold and precious stones, but by this mode of expression we are to understand, that the heavenly city is as much superior to earth as gold is to dirt, as pearls to common stone, the stars to candles, the sun to a torch, and mortal architects to God, the immortal Creator of all things. But as we intend to speak of the beauty of all the parts of the city of God, we shall dwell no longer on this point.

January 28th, 2012

What Is An Angel?

What is an Angel

The angels were to witness the birth of God’s only Son and flew closer to earth and sang sweetly. They caught sight of the new-born child from the stable’s roof and instantly understood their mission. They were so filled with joy that they burst into a glorious thanksgiving song. It was so melodious that it could be heard all over the Earth. They are known as Christmas angels. We see Christmas angels singing and playing music in Nativity scenes who look so cute and benevolent that they catch young one’s attention and fascination instantly.

The word angel is derived from the Hebrew word which takes the meaning ‘one going’ or ‘one sent’. The Hebrew word is used to denote either a divine or human messenger. The Latin version however distinguishes the divine or spirit messenger from the human, rendering the original in the one case by angelus and the other by legatus or more generally by nuntius.

The angels are represented throughout the Bible as a body of spiritual beings intermediate between God and men; “you have made him (man) a little less than the angels” (Ps. 8:6). They, equally with man, are created beings; “Praise Him all His angels: praise Him all His hosts… for He spoke and they were made. He commanded and they were created” (Ps. 148:2). That the angels were created was laid down in the fourth Lateran Council.

Angels As Personal Guardians

Throughout the Bible we find it repeatedly implied that each individual soul has its tutelary angel. Thus Abraham, when sending his steward to seek a wife for Isaac, says; “He will send His angel before you” (Gen. 24:7). The words of the ninetieth Psalm which the devil quoted to our Lord (Mt. 4:6) are well known, and Judith accounts for her heroic deed by saying; “As the Lord lives, His angel has been my keeper” (Gen. 13:20).

Angles can make communications with the saints in heaven. They constantly intercede for us. When we begin to travel securely along the spiritual path Angels pray to heaven for giving us most valuable graces. Angels can help us even from falling into dangers. A spiritual enlightenment of the human soul is the sole aim of the creation of angels. We will be led by the angles invoking the grace of God, forever.

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Prayer: O my guardian Angel, appointed by God for my protection, enlighten my intellect, guide and protect me from dangers and accidents. Enable me to see the face of God, experience His presence and hear His voice even as you do. Amen.

– – – written by Tony Chittilappilly

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