The Spirit Of Truth

The Spirit of truth

One day, while I was driving my car down the highway to go to and serve in an out-of-town Christian Life Program sponsored by Couples for Christ, I encountered a signpost on the side of the road that reads: “Dangerous Curve Ahead.” Instantly I was faced with making a decision.

One, I could observe the warning and decrease my speed. Two, I could ignore the sign and just cruise along. Or, three, I could defy the warning and speed up. Whatever response I had chosen to take, however, I would not have changed the truth of the sign. The truth is: the curve still remained dangerous. And it was for my own good that I should heed the warning and be guided accordingly.


Jesus promised to send us a Helper, a Guide. The One who is going to guide us in all truths. The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit helps us to discern what is true and what is not, what is foolish and what is wise, what is safe and what is dangerous.

Our day is full of decisions, big and small ones. But His holy prompting will be there to give us the wisdom we need to make righteous decisions. What is most important is for us to be sensitive to His holy guidance. After all, what He just wants from us is a listening heart and a renewed mind.

Have faith, therefore, that when you’re inundated with difficulties and cares, and you know not where to go, the Holy Spirit will always be there sitting by your side to guide you as you drive along through life. The road may be winding or straight, rough or smooth, wet or dry, yet you can be certain that He is a trustworthy guide. Don’t forget, He placed those signposts on the road of life.

– – – Shared by Joe Gatuslao

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