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October 9th, 2008

Virgin Mary Pics 09

Virgin Mary Pics 0901 Virgin Mary Pics 0902 Virgin Mary Pics 0903 Virgin Mary Pics 0904

Virgin Mary Pics 0905 Virgin Mary Pics 0906 Virgin Mary Pics 0907 Virgin Mary Pics 0908

Virgin Mary Pics 0909 Virgin Mary Pics 0910 Virgin Mary Pics 0911 Virgin Mary Pics 0912

Virgin Mary Pics 0913 Virgin Mary Pics 0914 Virgin Mary Pics 0915 Virgin Mary Pics 0916

Virgin Mary Pics 0917 Virgin Mary Pics 0918 Virgin Mary Pics 0919 Virgin Mary Pics 0920

Virgin Mary Pics are given above. Just take a look at each one and choose the best one.

The love Our Lady and St. Joseph had for each other was the love of true spouses but the love which spouses share in heaven. Because of Mary and Joseph’s unique mission as parents of the Son of God, they began to live the life of Heaven even amid the many perils, trials, and sufferings of earth.

Lets put Virgin Mary pics on our desktops to keep in mind the importance of praying the Rosary. Click on any of the above 20 thumbnails to see each image in its original size.

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October 1st, 2008

Feast of The Holy Rosary : October

October, Queen Mary is venerated this month


October is the month in which Mary, Most Holy Queen of the Holy Rosary, is venerated.

Feast of the Holy Rosary:-

The feast of the Holy Rosary was established by Saint Pius V on the anniversary of the naval victory won by the Christian fleet at Lepanto, October 7, 1571. The victory was attributed to the help of the holy Mother of God whose aid was invoked through praying the Rosary.

The celebration of this day invites all to mediate upon the mysteries of Christ, following the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary who was so singularly associated with the incarnation, passion and glorious resurrection of the Son of God.

Pope John Paul II asks us to pray the Rosary :-

On September 30, 2001, after the morning Mass opening the Synod of Bishops, Pope John Paul II asked people to pray the Rosary:

“October is the month in which Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Holy Rosary, is venerated. Within the current international context, I invite all — individuals, families, communities — to pray this Marian prayer, possibly every day, for peace, so that the world can be preserved from the wicked scourge of terrorism.

“The terrible tragedy of September 11th will be remembered as a dark day in the history of humanity. In the face of this, the Church tries to be faithful to her prophetic charism and remind all men about their duty to build a future of peace for the human family. Certainly, peace is not separated from justice, but it must be nourished by mercy and love.

“We cannot forget that Jews, Christians and Muslims adore God as the only God. The three religions, therefore, have the vocation of unity and peace. May God allow the Church’s faithful to be agents of peace, in the front line of the search for justice and the prohibition of violence.

“May the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, intercede for all humanity, so that hate and death never have the last word!”

On September 29, 2002, Pope John Paul II asked that we pray the Rosary for Peace: —

Castel Gandolfo
Sunday, 29 June 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
1. We are already on the threshold of the month of October, which, with the liturgical memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, inspires us to rediscover this traditional prayer, so simple yet so profound.

The Rosary is a way of contemplating the face of Christ seeing him – we may say – with the eyes of Mary. For this reason, it is a prayer that drawing upon the core of the Gospel is in full accord with the inspiration of the Second Vatican Council and very much in keeping with the direction I gave in the Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio ineunte: the Church has to launch out “into the deep” in the new millennium beginning with the contemplation of the face of Christ.

Therefore, I wish to suggest the recitation of the Rosary to individuals, families and Christian communities. To give force to this invitation, I am preparing a document which will help to rediscover the beauty and depth of this prayer.

2. I wish once again to entrust the great cause of peace to the praying of the Rosary. We are facing an international situation that is full of tensions, at times threatening to explode. In some parts of the world, where the confrontation is harsher – I think particularly of the suffering land of Christ – we can realize that, even though they are necessary, political efforts are worth little if one remains exacerbated in his mind and no one cares to demonstrate a new disposition of heart in the hope of reviving the struggle and effort of dialogue.

Who but God alone can infuse such sentiments? It is more necessary than ever that from every part of the earth prayer for peace be made to Him. In this perspective, the Rosary turns out to be the form of prayer most needed. It builds peace because, while it appeals to the grace of God, it sows in the one praying it the seed of good from which we can expect the fruit of justice and solidarity for personal and community life.

I am thinking of nations and also of families. How much peace would flow into family relationships if the family would begin again to pray the Rosary.

John Paul II greeted the pilgrims in French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Italian.
To the English-speaking

3. I extend a warm greeting to the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors, and invite you to make the month of October a time of special attention to the recitation of the Rosary, the great prayer of intercession to Mary. Upon you and your families I invoke the joy and peace of the Lord.

4. The prayer we are about to pray begins by recalling the annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. In fact, today is the feast of the holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. May these powerful ministers of God obtain for us the grace to correspond always with generous love to his will.

Dear Friends, this is the last Angelus of the vacation period. With affection, I greet once again the townsfolk of Castel Gandolfo: Goodbye until next year. Next Sunday, 6 October, God willing, we shall be in St Peter’s Square.

On October 16, 2002, the 25th year of his pontificate, Pope John Paul II issued an Apostolic Letter on the Rosary and declared the beginning of a Year of the Rosary to end in October 2003.

Pope Benedict XVI:-

Excerpt from Pope Benedict XVIAngelus Message 10/2/05 …The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary, the unique contemplative prayer through which, guided by the Lord’s Heavenly Mother, we fix our gaze on the face of the Redeemer in order to be conformed to his joyful, light-filled, sorrowful and glorious mysteries.

This ancient prayer is having a providential revival, thanks also to the example and teaching of the beloved Pope John Paul II. I invite you to reread his Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae and to put into practice its directions on the personal, family and community levels.

We entrust the work of the Synod to Mary: may she lead the entire Church to an ever clearer knowledge of the proper mission of service to the Redeemer truly present in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

October 1st, 2008

The Purgatory – Part 04

Purgatory 0105


Read this Part 04 only after reading the first three parts linked below…

The Purgatory – Part 01

The Purgatory – Part 02

The Purgatory – Part 03


If a soul completes its purification on Earth itself, through prayer, deeds of penance, sacraments etc, then that soul need not spend much time in Purgatory. Those who had led a good life without sins might be having a selfish love for themselves. This selfish love urges them to abstain from many religious rituals, which makes them eligible for punishments. So these souls need very hard punishment to destroy the HARD CRUST created on the surface of their selfish love.

Even though God has given many opportunities to those who lead a pure life to help others, if they move away from these blaming personal inconveniences, it is due to their selfish love for themselves. Some souls give visions that the reason for them being in Purgatory is due to their not fully utilizing the chances they got to help others on Earth.

When one soul gets purified in Purgatory, the Guardian Angel of that soul teaches the soul all about praises to Lord and the need for them. Yes, the presence of one’s Guardian Angel in Purgatory surely brings some joy to the soul, but no relief. A soul gets relief only through its pains in purgatory and the prayers it gets from the earth.

Even though the pain a soul suffers in Purgatory is unbearable beyond words, it doesn’t wish to go back from Purgatory or for someone to free it from there. They only wish for the quick melting down of the selfish love they have, which separates them from God’s love. They are thankful to God and are always hopeful. They strongly believe in the truth that after purification, they will all get the bright sacred cloth promised for them. All other souls rejoice when one soul gets promotion to Heaven. Through the purification in purgatory, all the souls understand the virtues like pain, kindness, service, brotherly love etc and they rejoice in these virtues.

The souls in Purgatory eagerly wait for the day of remembrance of all the souls. On that day they get more joy and more relief. The level of happiness they enjoy then will be according to the level of pain they experience at that time. Their joy know no bounds when they see the bright rays coming out of them. They will then get convinced that they will be able to love God more, in future.

The souls also come to know how much harmful it was to commit even a simple sin while they were on Earth. In Purgatory, some souls experience solitude. Those souls who are in the empty corners of Purgatory experience many times the pain that the others experience. They are there, as those souls caused many others to move far away from God, through their false teachings or beliefs. Those souls are also responsible for those sins committed by others who followed them, moving away from God. Because these souls used the god given talents to publicly blame God and disrespect the Church.

As pride is the most serious sin, the souls which had pride, have to remain in the purgatory for a very long time. These souls were those people who said they don’t need God and who were reluctant to follow Him, while on Earth. This soul gets ready to suffer more pains, admitting the fact that it had been a fool on Earth. They fully understand that they are in the Purgatory only because of God’s kindness and love, and that they should have gone to permanent hell, if otherwise. When Mother Mary comes to Purgatory to comfort the souls, these souls move away from Her. Because Her purity and love to God creates more pain and sorrow in these souls. Another reason for this is that these souls feel more and more ashamed as they didn’t love or respect Mother Mary, while on earth.

We have seen that those who loved Mother Mary more, while on earth, are able to receive more relief from Her in the Purgatory. Virgin Mary comes and makes clear all the selfish love and demerits which separates the soul from God. Thus the soul gets to heaven very quickly than expected. Virgin Mary will never forget the love we had shown to Her , while on earth. If a person alive loves and respects mother mary, prays for a dear soul who suffers in purgatory, She will free the soul from Purgatory. The prayers of the person alive touch Mother Mary very deeply.

The best weapon to free souls from purgatory is the Rosary. It helps to destroy the HARD CRUST formed on the surface of a soul’s love to God. A soul which had a personal relationship with Mary while on earth and if for him, a person alive who also loves Her prays, then we can see that the soul gets a better and brighter place in purgatory. Those who were eligible to receive the love of Mother Mary, they were seen more joyful in purgatory, through various visions to saints. Since these souls had received some special insights from others, they can attain the needed knowledge very quickly.

Those souls who had not loved or respected Mother Mary while on earth, suffer gravest pains in Purgatory. Many visions say that when she comes to purgatory and when Her shadow falls on these souls, they experience strong pains and sufferings.

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