How To Wake Up Properly In The Morning

“Early to bed, early to rise” – that’s a good adage for a healthy living. However what you do after you wake up is equally important for a healthy day. Some folks get up hurriedly and run right into the day’s busyness. Some others get up lazily and sit thinking on their beds for a while. … Read more

Prayer In Times Of Earthquakes

Loving God, we lift our prayers and intentions for all those affected by the earthquake. We often do not understand why these things happen in our world, but we must place our trust in your divine providence and go to you for the help we need, regardless if it is in good times or bad … Read more

Alzheimer’s Patients Prayer

Pray for me I was once like you. Be kind and loving to me that’s how I would have treated you. Remember I was once someone’s parent or spouse. I had a life and a dream for the future. Speak to me, I can hear you even if I don’t understand what you are saying. Speak to … Read more

Housewarming Prayer

By sweat of human forehead built, And money earned in honest ways; Reside good Christians within it; God bless this family always! O Holy Spirit, Dove of peace, Preserve love, faith and unity; Help us to live our life with ease Through fortitude and piety. O Mother Mary, pray for us! Ask Jesus Christ to … Read more