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May 23rd, 2009

Mobile Pics of Virgin Mary – Set 03

Get any of the above mobile pics of Virgin Mary Assumption.

Today we celebrate the feast of Mary’s Assumption into heaven. She was a model disciple open to God’s grace. The feast celebrates the special place that Mary has in the life of the Church.

By her assumption we can understand that Mary, because of the dignity of her motherhood and her own personal submission to God’s will at every stage of her life, takes precedence over everyone in the sharing of God’s glory which is the destiny of all of us who die united with Christ her Son.

The Assumption completes God’s work in her since it was not fitting that the flesh that had given life to God himself should ever undergo corruption. The Assumption is God’s crowning of His work as Mary ends her earthly life and enters eternity.

The Feast of the Assumption has always been loved dearly by the faithful who are children of Mary. It is a sign to us that someday, through God’s grace and our efforts, we too may join the Blessed Mother in giving glory to God.

The Assumption is a source of great hope for us, too, for it points the way for all followers of Christ who imitate her fidelity and obedience to God’s will. Where she now is, we are meant eventually to be, and may hope to be through Divine grace.

Please download all the above mobile pictures of Virgin Mary’s Assumption. Save those mobile pics with 240×320 dimensions to your mobile handset using a data cable. And set your favorite assumption picture of Virgin Mary as the mobile background/wallpaper.

May 16th, 2009

Mobile Pics of Virgin Mary – Set 02

virgin mary pic heart virgin mary image with baby Jesus virgin mary pic in church

– – – ID: 470272 – – – – – – – ID: 470303 – – – – – – ID: 470325 – – –

virgin mary pic statue virgin mary pic with jesus in hands virgin mary pic church

– – – ID: 470344 – – – – – – – ID: 470367 – – – – – – ID: 470387 – – –

Want to get any of these free pics of Virgin Mary in your mobile handset?

Open your mobile wap browser and goto this url  –
Enter the respective 6 digit ID number in the box you see and select ‘Find File’

You will see ‘File Found’ message and a link saying ‘click here to download’.
Select that link in your mobile browser to download the particular pic to your mobile set.

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