Prayer In Times Of Love Failure

Times Of Love Failure

Had a Love Failure? This love failure prayer is for you. Most loving Lord! You know my broken heart! I am shattered and I just do not know how to come out of this disappointment. Tears flow down my cheeks and I sink in my sorrow O Lord! The scripture says that all things work … Read more

Easter Prayer

Easter Prayer

LORD, Thank You for the gift of HOPE You gave us on Easter morning. Because of You we know That no problem is too difficult And even death does not have power over us. Thank You for the gift of JOY You gave us when You were resurrected. Because of you we know That no … Read more

Give Someone An Affectionate Word Today

Give Someone An Affectionate Word

Man is in search of love and identity, least for money. He is stuffed with unending passion and feelings. When his feelings are realized he feels satisfaction, when denied he becomes worst. When I appreciate my close guy he would say thanks or would at least giggle or grin at me. Gospel says, Love one … Read more