Family – The Training Ground

Family The Training Ground

Beware of the spiritual generation gap among our children. Any role of leadership in society, whether social, economic, political or religious would have its root in the hearth of the family, without which it is impossible to exercise any authority. We are fundamentally what we are at home. We act and react the way we … Read more

Our Family In Today’s World

Our family in todays world

No amount of growth in any field can substitute the warm relationship between persons. If you have children or grandchildren, chances are you can’t help but notice what a different world they’re growing up in compared to when you were their age. There was a time when people didn’t carry cell phones and PDAs with … Read more

Poem : Our Family Tree

We’ve added to our family tree A stronger one to make A child from another plant Has become our new namesake. Just as a limb is grafted From one tree to another, It alters and improves the plant Making it, uniquely, like no other. Our family tree has been improved Adoption made this so. For … Read more