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December 25th, 2010

Real Reason For Christmas

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Christmas is the time for recollections – remembering the beautiful times we had with our loved ones, remembering some funny incidents that happened on Christmas Eve and so on. More than all, it’s the time we remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It would have been a very different scenario (a horrible scenario, plainly speaking) if Jesus had not shown up on the scene. For years prophets prophesied about the Messiah’s birth. And He came – at the right time.

As pictured in the Scriptures, Christ’s birth was awesome. Talk about angels appearing, heavenly choir, supernatural star, top officials from far off countries coming just to worship the ‘baby King’ – it was just extraordinarily awesome!

And He changed the course of world history like no one else! He ushered in a new world into our world. Suddenly there was healing, miracles, wonders, supernatural provision, even the dead being raised to life. And on the cross, He opened the inimitably grand way to heaven and life without limits. And His resurrection literally tore off the old, dead principles of religion.

That’s the reason for this magnificent celebration of the season! So as you celebrate Christmas – may be with your family, friends or alone – know that this Jesus is for you! As He came to the earth for you, He forever loves you. He loves to see you live a life of fulfillment and victory.

We pray that you will experience Christ’s love and care in a special way during this Christmas. Happy Christmas!

Jesus is the reason for the season.

– – – written by Joe Abraham & Ancy Joe

December 24th, 2010

Video : Christmas Story Told Through Facebook

Play the above video clip – Its the Christmas Story told through Facebook.

A social network Christmas

This is a fantastic video. It tells the amazing story in a different and new way, but it touches my heart the same.

Joseph updates his FB status as ‘I am pledged to marry someone very special.’ to which Mary responds.

Joseph and Mary are pledged to be married. This is LIKED by Elizabeth and Zechariah.

Mary writes on her wall ‘I’m pregnant! Conceived by Holy Spirit’

An Angel has appeard to me!

Josephs friend to Joseph ‘hey Joseph, is that true?’

Joseph replies ‘I’m not sure what is going on! I’m confused!’

Mary is travelling to Hill Country of Judea.

Elizabeth says in FB ‘Mary just arrived at our house’

Joseph meanwhile updates His status again ‘Just had a vivid dream. Mary is indeed with Child’

The facebook Christmas story goes on like this to the very end where shepherds come to visit baby Jesus.

Watch the video clip! Its so touching with the great background music.

December 24th, 2010

2000 Miles song – The Pretenders

2000 Miles by The Pretenders

Play the song ‘2000 Miles’ by The Pretenders


He’s gone 2000 miles
It’s very far
The snow is falling down
Gets colder day by day
I miss you

The children will sing
He’ll be back at christmastime

In these frozen and silent nights
Sometimes in a dream you appear
Outside under the purple sky
Diamonds in the snow sparkle
Our hearts were singing
It felt like christmastime

2000 miles
Is very far through the snow
I’ll think of you
Wherever you go

He’s gone 2000 miles
It’s very far
The snow is falling down
Gets colder day by day
I miss you

I can hear people singing
It must be christmastime
I hear people singing
It must be christmastime

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