My Father’s Son

My Fathers Son

My life contained many good memories,
as I fulfilled my heartfelt dreams of being a paramedic,
and for me life was good.

As I looked back with only a glance,
appreciating my accomplishments I had no regrets,
I was living my life the way I felt I should.

Remembering my father’s arms as a child,
as being always warm, strong and well meaning,
it’s without a doubt he was my best friend!

He taught me wisdom I would take with me through out my childhood days,
as I became an adult holding my hand right to the very end.

Time will pass and tears will fade into smiles when you think of me dad.

Memories will comfort you in your times of need, and the pictures you hold will define my peaceful existence, for you created me and I am glad. Comfort yourself in knowing that I enjoyed doing something I thought might make a difference.

Enjoy your life and surround your self in happiness,
as if I were still there, when you feel lonely, Dad look around you in remembrance.

No matter where my life had lead me I am a part of you,
and I will always remain “My Father’s Son.”

– – – written By “Cheryl “ Sherry J. Lassiter
EMT/Paramedic/Fire Woman/Red Cross Disaster Team Member

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