Lessons for 2010


1. Give preference to God and get His blessings

2. Obey God in all what He asked us to obey regardless of the circumstances

3. Give our best to God not by the compulsion of testament but love

4. Obey God and be a blessing for family, community and nation

5. Do not forget to give due respect to God for what He has done to us

6. Trust Him to see miracles in life, believe blindly; only God

7. God can provide and protect us in special ways

8. A regular walk with God makes the family godly

9. Parents should be trustworthy and example for their children to follow

10. Above all, do not question God

May God help all of us to be a blessing for many. As we entered in to a new year, remember it is a gift from God. Now let us decide how we make use of it for His glory.

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