How To Solve Confusion

How To Solve Confusion

Five smart, self-evaluative questions to help you begin your way out of confusion.

1. “Why am I confused?” (Find the reason for your confusion)

It’s not enough to lament, “I am confused”. It’s imperative to know why you are confused.

2. “Where is this confusion coming from?” (Locate the source of confusion)

Trying to locate the source of confusion is your way to solving confusion with more clarity and confidence.

3. “How can I solve this confusion?” (Invest time to think about solving confusion)

Separating some amount of time to think and analyze is an antidote to confusion.

4. “What are my options for solving this confusion?” (Plan multiple ways to solving confusion)

Don’t settle with one solution, at least in the beginning stage when you think about a possible way to conquer confusion. Just write down a variety of solutions that come to your mind. Then choose the best one.

5. “When should I act upon my best chosen way to solve this confusion?” (Fix an appropriate time to act upon the best option to solve your confusion)

It is not always wise to jump immediately into applying your best option. For instance, you are confused about joining a particular course of study. You decided to use the given five questions to solve your confusion. Around midnight, you arrived at the best option as asking your teacher about it. But you got to wait until next morning to act upon your best option!

Surely these five questions will help you as well as anyone else to rightly handle confusion just as these help me.

– – – written by Joe Abraham

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