How To Remain Sexually Pure?

How To Remain Sexually Pure

Why sexual temptations are so addictive?

One cause for the extreme difficulty in erasing pornographic images from the mind and breaking illegal relationships is that when a man views pornography or talk, meet with a person in immoral relationship, a chemical called epinephrine is released in the brain. This release of epinephrine causes deep imprint of the visual image, sound of words or persons to be stored within the brain. Such images can plague a man for decades.

Rest assured, there is a way out of pornography addiction and illegal relationships¬† but don’t fall for the promise of an easy way out. Moreover this chemical presses a person into addiction. If that person is morally good, then the mind will tell, but the body will not obey.

The beginning of a spiritual attack

Sexual addictions and pornography open a person up to the influence of evil spirits. Before a spiritual attack begins you may be struggling with your own lustful thoughts. A spiritual attack begins when a spirit silently intrudes into your mind, adding intensity to your lustful thoughts, or implanting additional ones. You can detect this happening when an ordinary human lust arises and then suddenly erupts into a life of its own, one that seems nearly impossible to get rid of.

We should remember that our succumbing to temptations reveal our weakness. The devil makes use of our weakness and sinful dispositions, not that we have nothing to do with our failure. We fail where we are weak and supposed to be strong. Realize and correct ourselves each time when we fall.

How to fight a spiritual attack

If an episode of overwhelming lustful thoughts involves a spiritual attack, you will not be able to shake it with just mental effort alone. This is the case also with illegal relationships. Many know that it is unfit and not allowed. Many more know that such relationships never ends up in a married life. But they are never able to get out.

We should know here that the Devil has taken his chance. It is very easy to get discouraged and feel completely overwhelmed by both lust and the accompanying spiritual assault. Yet you can quickly break the power of the attack by first realizing what is happening, and then by saying a prayer for spiritual protection to your guardian angel and St. Michael the Archangel.

One of the hardest parts in fending off a spiritual attack is learning to recognize when one is happening. Spiritual attacks are covert operations that need to disguise themselves to be successful. Ask God to give you continual discernment. After a spiritual attack is stopped, your mental disciplines will still be needed to control your thoughts.

Lead a sacramental life

Also, use sacramentals such as holy water, crucifixes, St. Benedict medals etc. These can be very effective in overcoming or preventing spiritual attacks.

The sacraments, especially the Eucharist, are like rivers of living water that bring fresh strength to your soul. Take advantage of every opportunity to receive grace by frequenting the sacraments. The sacrament of penance is the one thing that can break the power of pornography in your life and turn the tide in your battle against pornography.

Never allow shame or setbacks to keep you from this sacrament. If you are guilty of serious sin, a good confession is the necessary first step to prepare you for receiving further graces in the Eucharist.

Take care of your physical condition too

Your spiritual defenses are weakened when you allow yourself to become run down from too little sleep, or too much work and stress. If you are fatigued, then take extra precautions against temptations until you restore your physical condition. Alcohol or the use of drugs will dull your conscience and diminish your ability to make good judgments.

Condemnation and Conviction

Don’t give up after a setback. An overwhelming wave of guilt and discouragement can follow in the wake of a setback. If you do fall into a sinful setback, you need to be prepared for an onslaught of condemnation. The Bible calls Satan the accuser. After a setback Satan will be ready to bombard you with doubts of God’s love for you.

You need to carefully discern between condemnation and conviction. Condemnation from the accuser has the effect of driving you away from God. Conviction from the Holy Spirit drives you towards God to find forgiveness and restoration. If you fall, you should certainly not give up the fight. Get to the Sacrament of penance and ask God for forgiveness. It will always be there for you.

– – – written by Stephen

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