Gone are the days

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Take a look at the 16 pics given above… Do they remind you of something that was so special?

Yes, no one can ever forget those good old days when we were having the best time of our lives – our childhood – and today we will miss those days saying ‘Gone are the days!!!’

In everyone’s life there are many important times. One of them is childhood.

Childhood is the greatest time in everyone’s life for many reasons. Initially, when you are a child, every dream seems realizable. Also, a child has got a huge imagination which permits him to imagine or invent a lot of enjoyable situations. For example, a child can imagine to be a biologist who’s studying the animals. Moreover, he can imagine to be a teacher.

Then, a child has got few responsibilities. His only duties are learning and having fun with his friends. However, children responsibilities increase step by step. For instance, if today a child is allowed to go to the store next his home’s door, the time after he will probably be allowed to go in a store placed in another street and so on. He’s to has to become responsible by himself.

Finally, learning is easier for a child. The children’s memory is by far better than the adults’ and they can learn a huge amount of information without difficulties. Also, they are very fast in learning foreign languages or other subjects at school, such as science or history. Moreover, they have a particular capacity in memorize dates an numbers.

Children’s imagination permit them to dream and enjoy themselves, second they have got a restricted amount of responsibilities, third when you’re a child learning is very easy.

Thus, childhood is the time when a person have to enjoy himself as much as possible and have “to taste” the huge amount of possibilities that it offers.

The best part is our innocence in those days. How free our mind was when we were so innocent! I know everyone love to be like that once more, but to be as innocent as it was then, is almost impossible for an adult now, particularly in this modern world.

But lets all at least try our best to be a ‘child at heart’ once more and achieve God’s Kingdom that Jesus promised to children.

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