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January 26th, 2013

God Wants Us To Be Humble

God Wants Us To Be Humble

What does our Master command, who has most truly said of Himself: “Learn of me, because I am meek and humble of heart”, “Go, sit down in the last place?” When He came into this world, he was born in a stable, and died on a cross. Truly, no one, when born, could have found a more lowly place; nor, dying, a more disgraceful one. And while He lived, He was poorer, not only than men, but even than the beasts of the field: for the foxes had holes, and the birds of the air their nests, “but the Son of man had nowhere to lay His head.”

But what means, “Sit down in the last place?” This is the meaning: wherever you are, however great you may be, always consider yourself worthy of the last place. St. Paul, in his Epistle to the Galatians, gives a reason for this where he says: “If any man thinks himself to be something, whereas he is nothing, he deceives himself.” (6:3).

He did not say, he who thinks himself to be great, or superior to others, either in wisdom, or power, or virtue; neither did he say, if any one think himself not to be great, or superior to others, but only equal to them; he said, “If any man think himself to be something.” In fine, he did not say, since he is poor, or unlearned, or ignoble, but, “Whereas he is nothing.” Thus the apostle could not descend lower, in order to designate the “lowest place,” and to give a worthy explanation of the words of our Lord.

But it may be said, it is necessary that men should be in high stations such as, prelates, princes, kings, emperors, and pontiffs. Be it so: but yet each one ought to sit down in the lowest place, until the Lord shall say, “Ascend higher.” Of this St. Augustine gives us an illustrious example, which I will mention in his own words: “From these that love the world I have separated myself: with those who govern the people I have not considered myself equal, nor at the banquet have I chosen the highest place, but the lower: but the Lord said unto me, “Ascend higher” But so much did I fear the episcopacy, that I would not have approached it, since among men the fame of a certain name had spread; and in this place I knew there was no bishop. I was on my guard, and endeavored  as far as possible, to be saved in a humble situation, not to be in danger in a high one. But, as I have said, the servant ought not to contradict his Lord.” (De Vitâ Clericorum)

Each one ought to think others better

St. Gregory teaches in his pastoral, and St. Augustine more clearly in his 109th Epistle: “Let your dignity” he says, “be honourable before men; but, before God, place it under your feet.” Each one ought to think others better, and therefore higher than himself. For he is properly and truly the greatest, who is the greatest in the sight of God; and he is the greatest who is the best; and he is the best who excels in virtue, whatever may be his dignity, riches, titles… Virtue alone makes a man good, not dignity, riches, or titles; and if virtues make a man good, greater virtues make him better, and the greatest make him the best. And they who possess virtue in a higher degree excel all others. Now, we may know that humility is one of these great virtues, because our Lord Himself says: “He that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

It is dangerous to prefer ourselves to others, but most useful to humble ourselves before all men. Wherefore, our Lord absolutely says: “Sit down in the lowest place.” But how many comply with this divine precept? For what do men contend more than for precedence? What labors do those endure who endeavor to reconcile men that quarrel about a point of honour! How many do we often hear using these words of Scripture, “I will not give my honor to another ?” And yet the Most High speaks thus in Isaiah, to whom alone such words belong. God alone ought not to be humble, since humility is the virtue that restrains a man from desiring to ascend above himself, but since God dwells in the highest heaven, nothing can be above Him. Wherefore, pride is intolerable, because a worm of the earth dares to say, “I will not give my glory unto another”.

And yet, these same worms whom pride so swells that they say with God, “ I will not give my glory to another,” humble themselves as to acknowledge they are the slaves of honor that is, of a false esteem. And so faithfully do these serve their master, honor  that they rather prefer to be cruelly slain in single combat, and to descend into hell, (and thus lose eternal life, and their temporal one at the same time,) than suffer any affront to be given to the idol of their honor  Vanity of vanities! Oh, how much doth this smoke of honor blind the eyes of the soul!

And yet we call ourselves Christians, and know that Christ heard from His enemies: “Behold a man who is a glutton and a wine-drinker Thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil. This man casts not out the devils but by Beelzebub the prince, the prince of devils;” and yet no one heard Him exclaim, “You are a liar” but, because He was meek and humble of heart, “Who, when he was reviled, did not revile: when he suffered, he threatened not: but delivered himself to him that judged him unjustly.” (1 Peter 2:23)

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– – – written by St. Robert Bellarmine

January 13th, 2013

God Never Wants Us To Slog

God Never Wants Us To Slog

Is it really true? We always think that God wants us to work hard. But I do disagree. It is not. God’s ways are always cool. He never wants us to slog.

We never see a bird slogging from morning till evening, getting anxious searching for its food. We never see a plant struggling hard to bear a fruit. We never see rain straining hard to downpour. We never see any animals getting worried about its future and planning so deeply to secure its life. We never see the celestial bodies striving hard to shed light. If we look at the nature we can see that except the human beings, all creation of God exist peacefully and silently to glorify the Lord of creations. They are never restless and in a hurry to achieve something. They do what they are created for. “The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master’s crib; Israel does not know, my people do not understand” (Isaiah 1:3).

The other day I was talking to my teenage niece. She was quite anxious and worried about her forthcoming exams and about her future in cracking entrance exams and all. I told her “you just don’t worry about the results; just finish what you have to study today…forget the rest”. But she was not happy with my suggestion. She started saying “aunty you can tell like that. You don’t know what all are the trials I face in school and in my classes. Even if I don’t aspire for clearing engineering entrance exam, my friends are not going to spare me. If I don’t get good marks they will treat me like dirt as if I don’t know anything. More than getting an admission it’s a question of acceptance in the class.”

I have plans for your welfare

I would like to share one incidence of a person whom I know. She is the elder child of a family of very devout and pious parents. Ever since childhood she wanted to become a doctor though her parents were not very keen about it because of two reasons. The first reason is that she was not a brilliant child and the second reason is that it was one of the toughest to get admission even for the very brilliant students. However they did not discourage her.

But her mother continuously prayed for her attending all night vigils. She never prayed that her child should get admission for a medical entrance, but prayed to safeguard her from all illness so that she can perform well in her exams. Though she had joined for a coaching class for medical entrance, they left the course half way due to some internal matters. So she was not even attending any coaching classes which are a sure sign for not getting admission for a medical college as per the prevailing notion. However she was doing her self study quietly without compromising her Sunday Mass.

Anyway quite contrary to her mother’s prayers she developed fever just a month before her board exams which led to some complications. With great difficulty she could finish her board exam. Her fever was troubling her intermittently. Then came the turn of entrance exams. In the middle of her exam all the family members contracted chicken pox. Her parents were anxious and wondered why God is testing so much. However they kept on praying Psalm 23 putting their complete trust in the One who keeps promises.

To every body’s amazement the girl scored 92 % board result which is the second highest in her class which she never got in any of her classes since LKG to 12th. Moreover she cleared the entrance exam of a prestigious medical college.

Beaming with the trust and confidence in the Word of God, her mother says, ‘God wanted my daughter to become a doctor. Though He tested my faith at the time of her exams making her sick, He literally walked with us through the valley tears. The verse of Jeremiah that “I have plans not for your destruction but for your welfare” literally fulfilled in our lives.’ He can produce water from rock, He can divide oceans to make way for you, He can multiply 5 loves to feed thousands, He can feed you from skies, if He wants. He will do it for us when we surrender completely, when we put our complete trust in Him.

It is not by slogging 24×7, even forgetting to eat, drink and worship the Lord of the Universe, that we will be able to crack the toughest entrance exams. But by abiding the commandments of God, He goes ahead of us to set path and give us victory. Let the goal of our life be to fulfill the Will of God. It is always far better than what we can ever imagine. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jer 29:11).

He never told us to slog. If it was needed, He would not have told us the verse.”Work must be done for six days, but the seventh must be a holy day for you, a day of complete rest, in honour of Yahweh.” (Exodus 35:2). His ways are always cool. He wants us to rest and be with Him. He tells “Set your hearts on His kingdom first, and on God’s saving justice, and all these other things will be given you as well” (Mat 6:33). Jesus tells if you are connected to the wine you will produce many fruits. If not, even if you work unceasingly, you may not be able to crack any exam.

I told my niece “so my child get up and just do what you have to do today and surrender all your dreams and goals of life in the powerful hands of the Lord at whose command the whole Universe dances. Relax all Sundays; spend time with the Lord of the Universe. It revitalizes your spiritual, emotional and mental faculties. Work all other days cheerfully and enthusiastically. The success will be yours.” Yes, God’s ways are always cool for those who trust Him.

– – – written by Mary Joseph, Faridabad

January 10th, 2013

Why Should I Be A Catholic?

Why Should I Be A Catholic

I believe that my stay in the Church is on account of the gift of faith granted to me by God. In my student days I had my disbelief and confusion. Those days I spent time to read the Bible, and many other books. Slowly the turbulence died down and my mind was firm that Jesus is true, without a blemish and He would not cheat.

Jesus told his disciples “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him” (Mat. 6:44). There may be many ways God chooses for the individuals. It may be very difficult to understand the theory, but if we believe Him we have to believe the word of Jesus. God loves us and He wants to perpetuate His love through His promises and His Word.

The promise of the Holy Spirit

The greatest gift that God has given the Church was the Pentecost day. Jesus ascended into heaven after forty days of his resurrection. He and the Father sent the gift of Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and Mary when they were praying in the upper room where Jesus had celebrated the last Supper. They heard a great wind and the Holy Spirit descended on them in the form of flames of fire.

They who were afraid of everything were filled with courage given by the Holy Spirit. Also the Holy Spirit helped them to remember all what Jesus told them and to understand its deeper meaning and guided them in what they were to say and do. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would always guide and protect the Church until the end of time.

The leadership

Jesus also gave the gift of leadership. One day when He was with his disciples, He asked them who people said He was. They answered that the people were saying “prophet” “John the Baptist” and so on.. Hearing this He asked them who they thought He was. Peter answered that He was the Christ, the son of the living God. At this point Jesus told Peter that the revelation came from God. He commanded him to lead and guide the Church. Ever since then the Church has been guided by a successor of Peter whom we call Pope or Holy Father.

The past 2000 years have witnessed many turmoil, confusions, reformation, threats and sufferings,, even fights for power in the Church, but the Church stood on its feet and survived all threats and difficulties. The most modern crisis is the clergy sexual abuse. Apart from the sins and shame it brought about, the enemies want to make the opportunity to humiliate and threaten the leadership. We know the Church has nothing to fear. The Catholic leadership is not a dictatorship, but a collegiality, with all the bishops of the world as leaders. We have the bishops who guide the local Church, assisted by priests.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession

Jesus died on the cross so that our sins may be forgiven. This Sacrament enables us to experience repentance and forgiveness in a very real way. In the Old Testament we hear the prophets asking the people to repent. Jesus in many parables spoke of the joy God has, when the sinner turns back from sin. Same joy God feels when we go for confession. God through his priest tells us how much he loves us and forgives us.

The Holy Eucharist

Jesus is God and savior . He died for us all generations till the end of the world. He wants us to remember his death and resurrection. So he wanted something to perpetuate the memory Jesus therefore instituted the Holy Eucharist and asked us to remember him through the celebration of the Eucharist.

He has to be remembered as the one who came down from heaven, lived among people, suffered, crucified, died, buried and risen to save us. It is a great privilege for a believer that he/she can eat his body and drink his blood in memory of him and get strengthened in body and spirit.

Other Sacraments

Confirmation, matrimony, Holy Orders and anointing the sick – Through all these sacraments grace is poured out to the believers, the bride and bridegroom, the priests and all.

Word of God

The Bible which contains the Word of God is another great gift of the Holy Spirit. When we listen to the Word of God, we feel his proximity. The Word of God is a light in our path and strength to our souls.

The Tradition

The Church is guided by traditions also, for it is one of the ways that God reveals His will. It is defined as practice and beliefs that were not written down but which have been passed on to us throughout the history of the Church. Therefore Bible and Tradition are sacred.

We have so much for which we can be grateful. Possibly the most precious gift is our Catholic faith. We have received a gift that not everyone has. Those who have not got this gift are not bad people or condemnable people. But we who have the gift should work to make it grow in our lives and be willing to share it with others. This is best done by becoming a good Christian in all our words and deeds.

I am happy to be a Catholic because I believe that the Catholic Church is the depository of all truth and wisdom.

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– – – written by K C Thomas

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