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June 10th, 2009

Jesus Christ Wallpaper sized images – Pic set 21

jesus-christ-pics-2101 jesus-christ-pics-2102 jesus-christ-pics-2103 jesus-christ-pics-2104

jesus-christ-pics-2105 jesus-christ-pics-2106 jesus-christ-pics-2107 jesus-christ-pics-2108

jesus-christ-pics-2109 jesus-christ-pics-2110 jesus-christ-pics-2111 jesus-christ-pics-2112

jesus-christ-pics-2113 jesus-christ-pics-2114 jesus-christ-pics-2115 jesus-christ-pics-2116

Check out all the 16 new wallpapers of our Lord Jesus Christ, given just above.

Even though I have uploaded so many pics of Jesus here on TBTG, I still get frequent requests from some readers telling me to upload some more rare pics of Jesus. Well, here they are. Put any among these as your desktop wallpaper and thank and praise our almighty God every time you see these pics, as you swich on your computer.

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April 12th, 2009

Pictures of The Resurrection of Jesus

Jesus-Resurrection-Easter Life of Jesus Pic 14 The resurrection of Jesus Christ jesus-resurrection-easter-02

jesus-resurrection-tomb jesus-resurrection-tomb-mary mary magdalene tomb empty Jesus painting Risen from the Tomb

Here are some pictures of the Resurrection of Jesus. The last one in the above set of 8 pics is a painting.

We celebrate Easter today – the day on which our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and made the most powerful statement this earth has ever heard – Jesus is God and is victor over sin and death. Through these pictures of resurrection of Jesus, we remember the greatest sacrifice ever happened on this Earth, yes, our Lord dying for our own sins. God we love you too much. Our God is an awesome God.

We know that all our faith hang on the reality of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. The apostle Paul argued that if the resurrection had not happened then our preaching would be in vain, we would be misrepresenting God, our faith would be futile, we would have no resurrection ourselves, and we would still be dead in our sins. Take a look at these pictures of resurrection of Jesus on this Easter eve. And rejoice in Christ, as this is the day for celebrating our Lord’s victory over sin and death.

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April 11th, 2009

The Way Of The Cross In Pictures

Jesus is condemned to death Jesus is made to carry His Cross Jesus Falls the First Time Jesus Meets His Sorrowful Mother

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry His Cross Veronica wipes the Face of Jesus Jesus Falls the Second Time The Women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus

Jesus Falls the Third Time Jesus is Stripped of His Garments Jesus is Nailed to the Cross Jesus is raised upon the Cross and Dies

Jesus is taken down from the Cross in the arms of His Mother Jesus is laid in the Sepulchre

Here are the 14 stations in The Way of the Cross in pictures. Each picture given above shows them in the order of occurrence during the Way of the Cross on Calvary. Also go to the way of the Cross with meditations.

It is very important that we pray the way of the Cross in this Holy Week to remember how our Lord Jesus Christ suffered for the sins of ours. The significance of the stations of the cross can be found at Why should we pray the Stations of the Cross?

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