Why Be Catholic Dad

Hi, this is Jerome Gilmartin. According to a 2008 Pew Forum report, one out of every three adult Americans who were raised Catholic have left the Church. One reason for this, in this age of the sound bite, is that most Catholics aren’t able to give a sound bite answer to the question, “Why be Catholic?”

You can download that brief, compelling answer at The 7 Step Reason to be Catholic Wallet.

“Oh, but I could never invite anyone to become Catholic” you say. Its OK. then don’t. But at least download the printed outline and this short audio file into your smart phone or laptop.

The following is a sweet conversation between a dad and his daughter and the girl asks her dad the same question “Why be catholic, Dad?”. In the 22-minute audio, the college student challenges her Dad on all but the last step. She then really understands WHY she is a Catholic.

Why Be Catholic Dad MP3

You can download the full script for the audio, click on Web Linked Script.

Let the outline and audio file do the inviting for you. Look, our Church is under siege. It’s all over the news. Certain political and other forces are pushing us to the edge of a cliff. It’s time to take a stand. Christ died to find this one, holy catholic and apostolic Church. Right now He needs each and every one of us to defend it. Get ready!

For more details, goto 7step.catholic.org